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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Olof Larsson, Jun 23, 2011.

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    Olof Larsson

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    Pink Floyd

    Completely my bad, then. I failed to read it all. Semirotta, I disagree. I very much love the simplicity of the plugin. It can be slightly buggy at times but as I've learned it's often at the fault of the person using it. And when it is buggy on it's own it's nothing serious and easy to fix.

    Thanks for the answer Nox.
  3. i always get " You don't have permission to create gates" but i didn't installed a permission plugin =/
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    Okay I found my issue, snow. Snow was blocking the exit. I guess if any block, even blocks that are traversable by players will keep the gate from working if next to it. Oops, thanks again for such a nifty plugin Olof.
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    I love the plugin, nice and simple! As a small "thank you", I made a simple little image for you. It's to describe the order in which you go through portals if there are more than one.

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  6. Obvious troll is Semirotta is obvious.

    Often people don't understand that the superpickaxe doesn't destroy blocks - it changes them to air and drops a resource if applicable. A plugin changes it's state if it detects that a block has been destroyed, not changed into air. When in doubt, just mine it the old-fashioned way.
    Deleting the conf file will kill all of your portals (including the glitched one(s)). So it's just a matter of going around and activating them again.
    Good luck.

    You have just answered your own problem.
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    I love this mod, and one of the signatures used on my server is made with redstone wire and redstone torches to access backdoor parts of our engineering areas (where the actual wiring is hidden). Would it be possible to make it so that if a block changes state, then it can temporarily deactivate or reactivate, such as powering or unpowering a redstone torch? As it is now, when I turn off a torch that is in the signature (so that it becomes torch on, torch off, and wire) the portal still works and stays with the original signature.

    Oh, and I have other interesting ideas / requests, if you would be interested to hear them.
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    is there any way to create a one-way portal?
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    I've noticed a few glitches with portals. We have a bedrock portal in a small room, that after a server reload switched orientation. Now, the portal is bedrock, ladder, and smoothstone, and doesn't go anywhere. Now when we destroy and try to recreate the gate, it still get's reoriented to the wrong direction.

    As a second glitch, I can no longer make gates in my room. I made a gate with a piece of Netherrack that was on fire, so that the gate would be Netherrack and fire, and now water just pours our when I activate a gate in my room and it says that it worked, but the count doesn't increase (so, 0 Netherrack + Fire gates, or 3 Cobblestone gates (all of which are elsewhere on the server. We have successfully made gates made with fire before, although they stopped working after a server restart because the bookshelf (the key on our server) had burned away (we need to put a block on all sides of the key to stop it from burning if we use fire), it just doesn't work in my house anymore.

    One more question, could you make it so that damage values affect the gate, so that different woods or colored wool would lead to different gates? That, combined with a blacklist node, would make it so you could have a red team and blue team that couldn't make, use, or destroy the other team's portals.
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    Olof Larsson

    I think I managed to fix a bug now.
    Previously snow would block a portal exit. Now it should not.
  12. Anything about making a horizontal portal, or any of the other queries?
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    Olof Larsson

    I have read all the posts and there are many good ideas. :)
    However I am creating my new minecraft-server at the moment so I am a bit bussy.
    The plugin is open source and on github. Anyone can fork and fix :)
  14. This looks way too awesome.
    I will recommend it to the owner of the server I am playing on atm.
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    bug: if you put two portals in the same co-ords but in different worlds, it spazzes out like crazy
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  16. Yeah, I got this one. It sends you to the loading screen eight or so times.
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    Do you plan on integrating Iconomy? like make it so it charges people to go through them or no?
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    Go ahead and use the image in your original post for the plugin if you like.
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    Olof Larsson

    ok thanks I will. It is a good image. I will add it once Im done configuring my new server.

    Yes perhaps in the future. I also plan on merging this plugin with my ancient gates plugin. I just need to find a way to keep the plugin easy to understand and configure and at the same time offer all aditional features.

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    Thank you, although this wasn't major, I find it very cool of you to "fix" something silly that puzzled me for a few days haha. Sorry for accusing your plugin of fault.

    Just as a note, if you have not already you may want to exempt other block types that are traversable from the check, like tall grass, flowers, mushrooms, torches (normal and redstone), redstone wire, seeds, signs, rails (all types), pressure plates (definitely want these for traps or similar), sugar cane, and redstone repeaters. Just another thought. I love the that you still plan on adding more features to this cool plugin but without sacrificing simplicity.
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    There's a lot of people requesting changes and new features. I just want to say this plug-in is everything I want for fast travel already. I understand the desire to improve your work, but don't change it too much. :)
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    Not sure what's causing it, but sometimes our gates start leaking. I've attached a screenshot. No errors happen in the log, and a server restart fixes it, but it happens so often in our portal room that it's not worth restarting everytime, since the portals still work, they are just hard to get to.[​IMG]

    And yes, on the far right, that is a portal made of torches.
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  23. I got that one, too. Luckily, the portal afflicted was just a return portal on a coastal cliff - so there was no collateral damage. I've only got it once, though, and I had to fix it by breaking the portal and sponging up the mess, because the leakage somehow became water spring blocks at key points.
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    Yeah, no water sources created, but still, a rather frustrating bug. As far as other bugs that we kind of like though, if you remove the frame around a portal by pushing it away with a piston and destroying the block while the piston is extended, you have a portal of water with no frame. This allows you to have a private signature that no one knows or to redecorate it with something more fitting. We once even made a portal in the middle of a lake then replaced the water around it, so it looked just like still water. The only problem with this bug is that it is also fixed when restarting the server, otherwise we would exploit the crap out of it. If it were to become a feature though, then I would really support this. :) Just make sure that the key block (diamond block or bookcase in our case) stays and the portal is tied to that.
  25. Okay, that one sounds pretty cool. A Bermuda Triangle...
    But you know, you don't need a piston to push the blocks away. It's been mentioned several times that using WorldEdit's set/replace (to air-block) commands or superpickaxe to remove the border blocks would achieve the same thing (a borderless portal). But yours is the first post I've seen where it was called a feature as opposed to a glitch.
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    Yeah, but those methods seem kind of cheaty, mine uses game mechanics as an addition to the system. It could be like a config toggle, allow the frames to be pushed and destroyed.

    Regarding water filling up the portal room though, I think that we've narrowed down one of the triggers for it. A lot of us have our recall runes from Runecraft set up to that room so that it's easy to get around, and it happens pretty much any time someone recalls. That isn't the only time, but it's one trigger at least.
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    I'm new to this, but how can i even join a 2nd world and what to do to set it up?
  28. MultiVerse. Get it and set it up.
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    Are mobs capable of teleporting through this portals? Just for knowing
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    are there any height limits? cause we are building like 30x15 or even bigger one and it says - there is no frame
  31. Check the config. I think you're looking for the "maxarea:" parameter. Add it if it's not there.
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