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    Don Redhorse

    DeathTpPlus announces a death with a random message based on the death cause and allows you to teleport to the point of death It can also create a TombStone at the place you died to let you save your inventory (aka DeadMansChest).You can also create a tomb sign which can be used as respawn point and as a place of information of how often you died and what your last death cause was.

    Take a look, thanks to BrandonHopkins

    Based on the original plugin from lonelydime. Integrates a fork of furt from cenotaph and tomb from Belphemur. And code from mung3r!


    • Use /deathtp to teleport back to where you died.
    • Optional: Charge a player an item to teleport (must be in the player's hand).
    • Optional: Vault support for economies

    • Customizable messages for every kind of death.
    • Supports multiple messages per kind of death, chosen randomly when someone dies.
    • Custom colors per message.
    • PvP messages that show the attacker as well as what they killed with. Item names have been cleaned up to look pretty.
    • Optional: Show tombstones where someone died and how they died.
    • Optional: CraftIRC support

    • Create a TombStone where you die and save your inventory.
    • Highly Configurable via Permissions
    • More Info on the TombStone Page

    • Create a Tomb Sign which holds the following information: The name of the player, the number of times he died and what was the last cause.
    • Can be used as respawn point after death
    • There can be more than one Tomb
    • You can configure if the respawn point is based upon the world the player is in or across worlds
    • More Info on the Tomb Page
    Other stuff

    • Streaks (Show a custom message when someone has killed a custom set of people or died a custom amount of times.)
    • DeathLogs (Show the total number of times somebody died)
    • MultiKills (Well... you know.... quake style... no sound though :) )
    • Need a simpler version with only messages? DeathNotifier
    • More Info on the DeathTpPlus Page
    Install / Update / Permissons / Bugs / ChangeLog etc?


    Downloads & Support



    • Upcoming Features
    • MAJOR Internal Reworking (that is really necessary)
    • Updates to RB of CB
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    R7? WTF? I'm running the 1.2.3 version. Autoupdate IS disabled. When i backed up my deathmessages.yml and deleted it, so it will load the deafault one, it worked totally alright.
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm will need to look into this... it works fine for me on R0.1 beta for 1.2.3, could you post the changed .yml via or similar

    also if you would enable debug logging and post the server log via or similar that would be also helpful

    I really need to see the deathmessages.yml via or similar.. the line which causes the npe is checking the internal version of the config file with the version inside of the configfile, so there must be something wrong

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    Don Redhorse

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    So, my problem about it not enabling itself is kinda fixed. I would have to copy over all my edited stuff to a fresh one. Can't be too bothered though.But, I found 3 bugs!
    Killstreaks (not sure about deathstreaks) don't work
    That extra sign thing bug

    when i was editing the .yml I was using notepad++. That might of messed the whole thing up.


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    Don Redhorse

    killstreaks: I would need to see a server log with debug enabled for this... I can't test it on my own.
    sign bug: you mean the empty deathsign beside the TombStone?
    tombs: are those TombStones you are talking about = chests and sign on top, or the tomb... there is a pic on dev.bukkit with the different items named.
    I need a log for that too... you should get a message nevertheless why it wasn't created

    notepad++ should be fine if you use the convert tab to 4 spaces feature

    thanks for liking it
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    Whats the option for non ops to have chests created with out one in there inventory?
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    Don Redhorse

    there is non... non permission support is done via the default permissions, sorry... you can take a look at cenotaph.. which is active again..
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    So, the tombs are the chests with the sign on top. (Dunno why, the tombs tombs aren't created)
    Here's a server log:
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    Don Redhorse

    kill streaks are just for killing players atm..
    there is a dev-build available now which fixes some issues like empty death sign, breaking tomb and autoupdate checking failure
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    Hello, your plugin conflicts with:

    What the plugin does is if a player dies, he loses money which is expressed visually in a physical item.

    But when you pick that item up it gets added to the economy bank and you will not received the item.

    However with your plugin when a player dies, the item expressed will drop, alot of it, practically stacks.

    For example each glowstone dust = $0.2 A player with $10,000 drops 5% of his money on death.

    5% of 10,000 is 500. 500/0.2 = 2500 glowstone dusts dropped.
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    Don Redhorse

    well I only collect the items which would be dropped during death.. if you drop additional items I will collect them..

    did you try:

    Independent-Drops sets if the money is added to the list of mob drops or if it's dropped independant of it.
    If other plugins prevent items from dropping, but you'd still like MoneyDrop to drop money, set this to true.

    If that doesn't work the plugin dev needs to look into it, as the money shouldn't be added to the normal death drops.
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    i use + #2113 1.2.4-R0.1
    and there is chest on death but 2 death signs
    is it a config problem or whats wrong ?
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    Don Redhorse

    well one of them could be a deathsign, but that is normally next to the chest and the sign on top of it.

    I don't think it is a config problem, rather a bug in bukkit or a change which causes a bug in my plugin :'(

    I will look into it.. don't expect anything before a RB though..
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    i found something in debug mode, dont know if that helps u
    "playernamehere has no chest in inventory"
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    Don Redhorse

    oh well... if you don't have a chest you don't get one... if you don't have the freechest permission... on the other side you shouldn't in this case get a sign...

    in which case this would be a bug in deathtpplus..
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    sry i dont know if that was important for u to know.
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    Don Redhorse

    it was.. so don't feel sorry...

    hmm I guess the issue is the following:

    if you die and don't have a chest you get at least a sign saying that you died there.. which is fine if you only have the tombstone enabled, but if you also have the deathsign enabled (which is from the original deathtpplus plugin) you now get 2 signs.

    so I guess after further thinking that I can't just change it, as some people might have disabled the deathsign and would need the tombstone sign.

    I guess this doesn't happen all the time or?
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    i just tested it on a new test server and i kill me /suicide 3 times and it always happen,
    should i try it more times ? or change something inside config ?
    sry for my englisch
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    This looks interesting. I've been looking for an active Death message plugin, and this seems to fit the criteria. I'm on vacation right now, but when I get back I will test this as soon as I can and give you some feedback.
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    Don Redhorse

    no... do you have a chest and a sign when you die, or did you configure the permission nodes? your english is fine :)
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    i have 2 signs when i die like the picture
    and no i never had a chest and nobody on my server since before and it works fine
    just after this update and with 1.2.4 there is no chest
    i reassembled the files but i cant see any permissions for chests, i would give it to player if i would know it
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    Don Redhorse

    hmm do you have
    deathtpplus.tombstone.freesign for the sign or
    deathtpplus.tombstone.freechest for the chest as permissions?
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    damn yeah that was the error !
    many many many thx !
    but why ???
    i mean i have this in my config, whats the difference ??
    - deathtpplus.deathtp.*
    - deathtpplus.tombstone.*

    ok next problem, if i activate death sign in config, the sign is next to the chest but not on top of the chest
    on my old server the sign was on chest an wenn the player grab the chest , the sign just disappear,
    any idea ?
    sry for mocking u

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    Don Redhorse

    well.... * doesn't mean all, it means what the developer (me in this case) deemed to be included in *.. and I thought that those freebies didn't belong to the specific function * permission

    perhaps I should have explained better..

    concerning your other post, the deathsign is / should always be beside the chest and will stay forever aka you destroy it manually (it is a feature of the original deathtpplus plugin... only the sign on top of the tombstone will go away when you loot the tombstone (that is a feature of the original tomstone / cenotaph plugin).
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    erhm sry but it was so before i update, there was a chest and a sign on top, and the sign was auto removed when looting the chest,
    can u plz add this ? cause for me its the best way to handle it and prevent the "sign forest" u know ;-)
    hope u will do that
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    Don Redhorse

    that should be how it works with the tombstone only (no deathsign) so I guess there is a bug with the newer builds
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    Mista Epic

    Is there anyway you can change it from /deathtp to /back?
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    Don Redhorse

    bukkit.yml allows for aliasing...

    btw: latest version compiled against 1.2.4.. and that SHOULD work with 1.2.5 and further till we get more death types.
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    This should work for 1.2.5?

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