[TP] Blockout Teleportation Suite v1.0 - Simple Teleportation Commands [1.1-R3]

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    What is the Blockout Teleportation Suite?
    The Blockout Teleportation Suite is a plugin which provides very simple teleportation commands. As we are a new development team, it's only to start off and we will develop more advanced plugins in the future.​
    What are the commands and permissions?
    /tp - Teleport to a player - BTS.tp​
    /tphere - Teleport a player to you - BTS.tphere​
    /tpall - Teleport all players to you - BTS.tpall​
    What Permissions does BTS support?
    We support Bukkit Permissions and ONLY Bukkit Permissions.​
    V1.00 - Released!
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    Original creator: Me
    Helper/Co-owner of BlockoutDev: AlfieCleveland
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    Latest rb please

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