[TP/ADMN/WGEN] TravelGates v1.10.18 - Teleportation System & Nether Portal Substitution [1.6.4-R0.1]

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    TravelGates - Teleportation System & Nether Portals Substitution

    Latest version : v1.10.18

    Downloads (BukkitDev)

    TravelGates on Bukkit Dev !

    This plugin intends to set teleporting destinations where player can be teleported if she/he is standing on anonther destination. To split destinations as if they were on separated servers, player's inventory can be cleared. The player is facing the same direction, after being teleported, as the OP when the destination is created. The teleportation works through different worlds too. You can also use Nether Portals to be teleported. Just add a "TravelGates" Sign on the Nether Portal, facing the player's head. Teleportation blocks also allow you to be teleported around an existing destination. You can also manage additional worlds.

    Plugin types: Teleportation, Administration tools, Worlds Management.

    Info: all information to install, manage and use this plugin is on BukkitDev. Check the previous link.

    More details for the teleportation system here.

    A very well done and quite informative tutorial (installation and ingame usage) by ANDREJJGaming:

    Good tutorial of the plugin (installation + ingame usage) by Minecrafter9842:

    Tutorial of the plugin to learn how to use it by VariationVault:

    Complete tutorial in Spanish by LastWishSpain

    Complete tutorial in Portuguese by AbsintoJ

    Watch the source code of TravelGates on GitHub.
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    I've been using this and i keep getting this error: YOU_CANT_GO_THERE.
    I am mod of my server and have tried debug mode. Please help.
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    Could you send me some logs of your server in debug mode when you are encountering this issue ?

    This message occured when you try to teleport from a location which does not match with an existing destination.

    You may also have not the permission to teleport if you have enabled Permissions and not configured them.

    By the way, if you have all messages between "<>", you may have not configured the language well.
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    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start hasPermission(player=CraftPlayer{name=hdtv35},
    permissionNode={travelgates.teleport, everyone})
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End hasPermission : true
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start teleportPlayerToDest(destination=market, player
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start hasDestination(destination=market)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End hasDestination : true
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start getFullLoc(destination=market)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End getFullLoc : world,-29,66,443,-91,null
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start getShortLoc(destination=market)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End getShortLoc : world,-29,66,443
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start hasOption(fullString=world,-29,66,443,-91,null,
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End hasOption : false
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start locationToShortString(location=Location{world=C
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start floor(value=-28.28125)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End floor : -29
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start floor(value=73.0)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End floor : 73
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start floor(value=439.03125)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End floor : 439
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End locationToShortString : world,-29,73,439
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start hasShortLocation(loc=world,-29,73,439)
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End hasShortLocation : false
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start get(message=YOU_CANT_GO_THERE, vars=[Ljava.lang
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End get : Âșc<YOU_CANT_GO_THERE>
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End teleportPlayerToDest : false
    19:48:20 [SEVERE] Could not pass event PLAYER_COMMAND_PREPROCESS to Alerter
    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/nijiko/permissions/PermissionHandler
    at me.Patrick_pk91.alerter.AlerterPlayerListener.onPlayerCommandPreproce
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    Your main problem is :
    Destination location : 19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End getShortLoc : world,-29,66,443
    Your current location : 19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] Start hasShortLocation(loc=world,-29,73,439)

    So the function which checks if your are standing on an existing destination when you are trying to use a teleportation returns "false":
    19:48:16 [INFO] [DEBUG_TG] End hasShortLocation : false

    And then, display the message you had, which says that you can't teleport. Use the /tg details command to see where is located your destinations and if your are standing on an existing destination.

    You should also review the configuration of your messages, as I can see this is the default value which displayed.

    The error occuring about Permission is stranged but does not explain your problem with teleportation. I will investigate.

    Tell me if your "location" problem has been solved or not. Thank you for your reply.
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    It's working using 1597 version of Craftbukkit.
    Thanks for the great job !
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    Thank you Rodwin :p
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    Version 1.8 is out.​
    • Logger message when players teleport from destination to another
    • Optimization of researches (destination / location / options / restrictions)
    • Add a control when a player is trying to add a Portal sign (Permissions' node is the same as lever : travelgates.sign)
    • Force arrival chunk to be loaded after being teleported, if it is not the case
    • New option -r to restrict destinations from the player's current location (add new messages)
    • New command /tg restrict <destination>: display restricted destinations
    • Minor fix on /tg loc command (check if destination exists)
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    hmmm looks good waiting for next update im aalso looking for any bugs i will tell u about them
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    Ok, thank you for any reports/feedbacks in advance ! That helps me :)
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    I've played around with this for about an hour and it is great!

    Feature request option: only allow teleportation if the block you're standing on is of a certain type. I wish it was a little harder to make a travel gate, so perhaps being able to set it to only work with gold blocks or diamond blocks would make it feel more worthwhile.

    it's really good already though!
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    Thank you for your feedback !

    Your idea is to be global for all travel-gates or to chose it as an option for one travel-gates ?

    I will try to add it for the next version. Thank you for your proposal !
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    My idea is for it to be global. I'd like to be able to specify the blocktype in travelgates.conf and then only allow teleportation if the block you're standing on is a travelgate AND the blocktype matches the type in the .conf
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    Ok, I better understand your idea.

    After thinking about it, I had misunderstood it.

    I think it will be easy to add to the next version.

    I don't know when I will work on it. Perhaps this weekend !

    Thank you again for your feedback and your suggestion :)
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    I have found a little bug in the plugin since the last version: you have to set the destination in lowercase on a sign placed on a Nether Portal. This will be fixed in the next version. (my new function to retrieve destinations' options is not case insensitive........ T_T)

    By the way, I plan to make it soon and I wish to add these features:
    • Bukkit's native permissions
    • Sleepysonic's request feature : teleportation block, on which you have to stand on to teleport (not for portals and configurable)
    • Ability to teleport on adjacent blocks of the same type of the teleportation block. (For instance, you choose wool. If you put wool blocks near the destination, you could teleport on these blocks as you were on the destination block)
    • Update the location of a destination using the player location (I made the ability to update the location using the -p option, but not with the player location... I think the void -p option will be used)
    • A new command to show the current configuration and perhapse a command for each configuration to switch them in game (the language configuration won't be modifiable).
    • Add a permission node for each teleportation means (feature request on Bukkit Dev)
    It's a great schedule ! I hope I could do all this stuff this weekend.
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    That sounds fantastic Ghomerr!

    I have another request. Is it possible to allow auto-saving after each modification? I know about adding -s to the command, and that works well, but I get the feeling some of my users may forget to do that.

    Also, everytime I try to save, it says "Saving failed!". However it does indeed save properly despite that message.

    I'm excited about the same adjacent blocks feature. How deep will it go? could I give an entire room's floor the ability for teleportation by assigning just one block near the center of the room? That would be very good.
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    I could add a configuration to allow auto-saving.

    I did not allow the auto-save because each time you would update something it will be stored in your hard-disk. If many players are saving in the same time, there could be some problems that I can't test alone :p But, all configurations are in the memory of the server and is saved automatically when you stop the server or if you force the save.

    I think it is simple to add. But I don't know what would be the results on a server with many people modifying the configurations in the same time.

    It is strange that you've encountered the message "saving failed". I haven't seen this message before, neither alone in my development server, nor in the server where I play and where the plugin is installed. Have you some debug logs to provide ?

    About the multiple blocks teleportation, I have no algorithm yet. I have to think about it. I thought to make it simple to begin with only searching "lines" of the teleportation blocks. The main problem with a room of this kind of blocks would be to know there is a destination "block" near, somewhere. I would have to make a "path finder" algorithm :p It is not that easy, but quite cool ! I haven't done one before, so it is a new challenge ! The way I think to do it would be to search the smallest path, which assumes that the area of teleportation blocks would be only squares or rectangles.

    I really hope to have the time to do all this "cool" (personal thought :p) stuff :D

    It is quite satisfying that you enjoy my work as much and make me more motivated to add even more !

    Thank you ;)

    PS: I plan to update the readme file with an html format to paste it in Bukkit Dev. I think I will add you in a "Contributors" part as a really great feature requester :p
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    I could not finish the 1.9 today. It remains the block teleportation system to do. All this stuff has been done:
    - Native Bukkit's Permissions support
    - Fix destinations case (Bug for Portal Signs)
    - New configuration : auto-save
    - Command /tg del can be used with the option -s to save the data
    - Option -p() can be used "void" to update a destination with the player location
    - New Permissions nodes for each teleportation means (the node "travelgates.portal" has been renamed "travelgates.teleportportal")
    - Permission node "options" has been renamed "update"
    - New command /tg config : show the current configuration of the plugin (Need messages update)
    - Each command has several aliases
    - New commands for toggle all boolean (true/false) configurations : /tg perms, /tg signtp, /tg portaltp, /tg clearallinv, /tg autosave (Need messages update)
    - Configuration will be saved with /tg save or with autosave (if using toggle commands)
    - Fix the pattern for message variables (numbers not recognized in variables)
    - Fix the restricted destinations check for Nether Portal teleportation
    - Teleport player using Nether Portal from adjacent blocks of the portal (also fix a bug if player not standing on the destination block)

    Edit1: I've began to make the teleportation-block-system. It is bigger than I thought. I spend the entire evening to only code the settings loading. I won't allow all "type" of blocks to be used, to make this system easier. I'll provide the full list of available blocks. I have my "path-finder" algorithm for seeking the nearest destination in mind. I only have to "code" it :D
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    I didn't forget to update my plugin ! I'm currently working on it. Each time I begin, I want to add a new feature !! So it takes longer than i thought.

    I have also updated the plugin to the last Recommanded Build. New events system, and so on...

    I am also thinking about refactoring all the teleportation system to make it simpler. (Perhaps for the next-next version :p) I stack all the new "systems" so it becomes not so "simple" as it was.

    I hope it will be done during this weekend (or tomorrow (friday))
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    The version 1.9 is out. Enjoy new features !

    Changelogs available on Bukkit Dev.
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    The version 1.9.2 is out with Recommanded Build 1.1-R2.

    It fixes minor bugs. (see the changelogs page on Bukkit Dev for more details)
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    Great work! I just installed the plugin on my server this morning and am having a blast. [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond]

    I do wonder though... is it possible to link multiple portals to the same destination? I have 8 separate cities with portals in them. I have a 9th area that acts as a central hub, containing 8 portals of its own. Each of the portals in this hub area are directed at one of the cities. This seems to work fine. What I'm wondering though, is if I can then take the individual portals in these cities and making them all dump back to just one portal or block in the hub area?
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    Yeah, of course.

    The concept of my plugin is: you have destinations. You can travel to them if you are on an existing destination. So, if you are on a destination where you have many signs referencing many destinations, from your current location, you can travel to all of them.

    In your case, in your cities, if the poral of each city has a sign to the hub area, you can travel to it. To go back to each city, you must have a sign or a portal for each one in your hub area.

    So yeah, your "travel design" should work great like this ;)

    Thank you for using my plugin and give me some feedback :) Do not hesitate to share any suggestions, it's always welcome ;)

    This weekend I plan to make an update to support the RB 1.1-R3 and add some new features:
    • Commands for updating restrictions (add/remove)
    • Command to know the current version of the plugin ingame
    • Fix the tpblock configuration to disable it in the configuration file (with "disable" or "none" or "false", for instance, as a value)
    • A new option for the destinations to allow travel from anywhere (without being on an existing destination !! It is paradoxal for my plugin, I know :p)
    • Manage multi nodes to allow "group" nodes to make the permissions management more convenient (I updated the permissions file of the server where I play with vi and it was painful to add each permission one by one)
    • A very litte extension to manage new worlds, allowing to add new worlds on servers. With, for example, commands like /tg load <world>, /tg unload <world>.
    • And maybe other things I forgot !
    If you are using the version 1.9, I would recommand to update to the version 1.9.2. I have fixed a bug with portal usage and it may not work properly in the pervious version. Now it seems to work very well.
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    Brilliant, thanks! I got it all set up and it works great. I'm excited to try to find other places to implement these portals. :)

    I did notice something a little funny. However, I don't know if it's a limitation of the portals or just how I have them set up. It seems that if I step fully into the portal, it will send me to the Nether. Though if I stand just on the edge of the portal, on the wool, it will send me to the desired destination. It does this on all of my portals. Am I supposed to be using that "add location" command on a different block? This is how the video implied it was done.

    Thanks again. :)

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    In fact, with the version 1.9, there were some issues with Portals, like this one.

    It should be fixed with the version 1.9.2. I have updated how the destination recognition is done and it should work fine now.

    If it is not the case, could you enable the debug mode (/tg debug), try to use the portal to force the bug and then copy the server logs here, that could let me analyze this problem ?

    I had made some tests in this case, setting the destination near the portal and using it from inside or on the nearest blocks, and it worked well, so it is really strange you can reproduce this old bug if you are using the last version :(

    I will make an update tomorrow with new features. So if you can send me the logs tomorrow, I could eventuelly fix this bug at the same time !

    Thank you again for your feedback ;)

    Version 1.10.1 is out !

    version 1.10.1 (2012-02-05):
    • 1.1-R3 support
    • Command /tg version : display the current version of the plugin
    • Help message update (with new commands)
    • Remove the target teleport system (you won't be able to teleport by typing /tg and targetting a sign with only a destination on it)
    • Fix the tpblock configuration when disabled in the config file
    • travelgates.sign permission node has been renamed travelgates.lever (more accurate)
    • Refactor the internal options system, which implies:
      1. Improve the r option to update easily restrictions (if you want to add or remove restrictions, only use + or - before the destinations to add or remove, others will be ignored, empty list will remove all restrictions)
      2. Update command only update the new settings (and not reset all options)
      3. Existing options will be toggled (see examples in Readme)
      4. r and p options can be used with no argument. (/tg update <dest> -r -> clear all restrictions or /tg update <dest> -p use the player location)
      5. Options system is safer
    • Fix the "no data to save" message. Restrictions data was not updated.
    • Print destination details after updating it
    • Simple world management, improving the /tg worlds command (update messages)
    • New configuration "worlds" to load additional worlds (only load unloaded and existing worlds, others will be ignored)
    • Fix the error message that appears when you click on a sign by being not on destination but which said "you are already at <dest>" where you wanted to go!

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    Actually, since I plopped in the 1.10.1 update, I have not been able to reproduce the issue. I can still run the debug though, if you want?

    Thanks again for your efforts! :)
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    If you were in a version less than 1.9.2, I think you would not be able to reproduce it as it should be fixed now.

    If you are able to reproduce it, you could give me some debug logs, but for now, it is not necessary.

    Thank you again for your feedback, this motivate me a lot :)
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    I miss to add the ability to create a new world with the /tg worlds new commands. I will add it to the next version.

    I may also add the ability to make custom portals (finally) as it is possible to use the "portal" block alone and be teleported (tried today). However, not necessarily in the next version, but, why not, if I succeed in making it work !
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    Got it working, created a location called shop. When I write "/tg shop" it tells me: You can't go to shop from here.

    My config looks like this:
    #Thu Feb 09 21:48:37 CET 2012
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    You have to be on an existing destination (but not the one you are trying to go) or a teleport block near an existing location.

    If you are admin, you should be able to force the teleportation by adding the option "-f" at the end of your command "/tg shop" : /tg shop -f.

    So, you have to make at least 2 destinations.

    I've planed to make a new tutorial with the new features and a better overview of all functionnalities. I hope it would help.
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    I will have a little break on this plugin because I would like to begin another one, that I really want to do. It will be a "game" plugin.

    I will fix bugs which would be reported to me as soon as possible. Evolutions will wait. Do not hesitate to suggest other features you would like to see in the next versions.

    Here is my Todo list for future evolutions (in order of priority):
    • Add new world support to the /tg worlds command
    • Show additional worlds
    • Create custom Nether Portals
    • New option destination f : a destination can be reached from everywhere, whitout being on another destination
    • Refactoring the teleportation System
    Thank you for those who use my plugin and for everyone who helped me by reporting bugs and suggesting some nice features :)

    Edit: I will make updates for Recommanded Builds.

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