[TP/ADMN/FIX] ExactInitialSpawn 1.0 - Fix the initial spawn location [1185]

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    ExactInitialSpawn - Fix the initial spawn location

    Version: v1.0

    The plugin is very simple. It takes the idea mentioned in this thread, and implements it only for initial spawns. There are a lot of plugins that handle the spawn on death issue; I wanted to fix just the initial first login problem.

    This plugin reads the server.properties file to get the name of the default world. It then gets the spawn location from the server for the default world.

    When a player is logging in, it checks for a player .dat file. If it is not found, it adds it to a list, and then when the player actually joins the server, they are teleported to the spawn location.

    Thats all. It has no commands, it relies on whatever tools you use to set the spawn location. I tested with CommandBook; you can use anything you like.

    • Spawns new users on your default world's spawn point, exactly.
    Download ExactInitialSpawn 1.0
    Source Code


    Version 1.0
    • Initial release.
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    Looks cool, just got your reply. About to test it out now!
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    Let me know how it goes; its something that has annoyed me for a while but I understand a lot of plugins seem to break other functionality trying to fix it.
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    after clearing my player.dat and testing a few times it seems to work well! Thanks for the plugin.
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    OMG THANK YOU! It sucks when people spawn on the clocktower

    Now all I need is a plugin where users can type /spawn and wait 5 secs without moving before going to spawn

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    Somehow this is not working for me...
    When a new player joins, the keep spawning everywhere but on the extact spawn, like on the top of the building.
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    I made the test with the following plugins:
    [INFO] Plugins: CommandBook, ExactInitialSpawn, iConomy, Multiverse-Cor
    e, Multiverse-Portals, NoCheat, NoFloatingTrees, RawcriticsOreObfuscationPlugin,
    WorldEdit, WorldGuard, ChestShop, NoLagg, PermissionsBukkit

    After the initial Spawn, if I do a /spawn command, the player goes to the correct location.
    Running BK #1317
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    When i delete my .dat file, I spawn on the roof of my spawn area, in the wrong location as set with commandbook...

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    Fuck yes thanks! :))))
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    Please upgrade to latest RB
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    Hey, I was wondering if you might be able to add the ability to broadcast a customizable message when a player first joins. EG: Welcome to (ServerName), (Player)! The message could be configurable in a config file.
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