[TP/ADMIN/EDIT] WorldWarp 3.3 No BS. Pure MultiWorld! 1.4.7 R1.0

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    Updated to 3.3!
    Hey! It's time. WorldWarp 3.3! Please use Bukkit Dev for further information about the plugin & questions.
    Version 3.3
    • Fixed Flatlands (Thanks Neusor!)
    • Added /wback ability:
      • Allows players to use /wback to get back to their previous location after using /wwarp.
      • Uses WorldWarp.WBack for permission and defaults to all players.
      • Locations are NOT stored after server restarts / reloads
    Version 3.2
    • Changes to metrics
    • Added /wflag
    • Added ability to use flags with /wcreate
    • *Added Flatlands!
    • Updated for CB 1.3.1 - R2.0
    • Read Bukkit Dev for more information about new commands
    Version 3.0.0
    • Completely rewrote plugin
    • Added /wimport
    • Added /wdelete
    • Changed to new config system
    • Updated for 1.3.1
    Version 2.3.1
    • Fixed /wcreate
    Version 2.3
    • Updated for 1185 (1.8)
    • Changed to BukkitPermissions
    Version 2.2
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files, again.
    • Fixed seeds
    • Fixed sending commands from console
    • Fixed error in yml formatting
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    Version 2.1
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files.
    Version 2.0
    • Updated for minecraft 1.7.3
    • Added /wdelete
    • Rewrote whole pluin
    • Added Skylands
    • Added seeds
    • Added configs
    • Changed way of saving worlds
    Version 02
    • Updated for minecraft 1.5_02
    • Added /wlist
    • Some minor changes to code
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
    Wanna donate?
    You can find my PayPal in my signature
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    Make sure to at least do a /stop at least once to stop server.. I remember when I installed this it didn't update the file with my worlds until I did that... I don't know if that is still a problem but it's worth a try.
  3. Oh yeah this might be the reason.
    Didn't think of that.
    The plugin saves to .worlds only when plugin is disabled. (aka reload or stop)
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    Why are there 2 zip files, do i need then both?:confused:
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    I'm trying that right now, thanks!

    Yes! It works! I'll make sure to use /stop in the future, thanks.

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    Wow i tested it and it is one of the best plugins ever made!:D
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    Hey :) this is a really good program but i have a little trouble :( my world is a freebuild world = no mobs. when i then use /wwarp to my new world there will get mobs in.. is there a mode to take this of or if not can you maybe program this plugin to do it :)?
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    how do i delete worlds, the server started to lag so i wont to remove it. and every time i remove the plugins and the world it just recreate it
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    Found a bug/tiny problem. I'm running a creative server but i also want to have survival world so I make my survival world and everything works great, the only things is next time i reload the server the mobs dissapear in the survival world. is this because i have them disabled in my server properties for my creative? I want mobs disabled in creative and and enabled in Survival.
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    there should be a .worlds file in your server directory, you have to remove the world form that file

    You would likely need another plugin to use different mob settings for different worlds. I don't think this plugin deals with that.
  11. This plugin simply allows multiple worlds. It currently does not support turning off animals etc.


    So yeah, while re-installing my computer's windows, The computer i used for backup died.
    That computer contained everything related to worldwarp 2. Which means it will take a while longer.
    I Don't know how much longer, but as that fuckhead computer contained like everything of value for me. (WHY DIDN'T I BACK IT UP SOMEWHERE SAFE? :(( ), like my bank account login information & etc. I'm pretty fml'ish right now and i have to fix that shit before i can start working on a new worldwarp 2 :(

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    Aww, that really, really sucks...
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    i've removed them from the .worlds but it still creating the worlds. not so god because when i have 5 worlds and only need 2 the server lags. btw the .worlds file is in plugins, shoud it be in the server directory?

    EDIT: i put the file in the server directory and now it works, thx
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    Try HeavenlyMob v0.3
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    I like your plugin, but it gives SEVERE warnings and it probably crashed my server.
    can you make a bug free version,
    The Severe warnings have something to do with Chunk loading and mob spawning.
  16. i AM workin on worldwarp 2.0.
    I will release it when it's done. but im going on cruise-ship monday & tuesday. so if i wont release it this weekend you'll have to wait untill wednesday or later.
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    i hope itl have support for skylands.
  18. [​IMG]
    Hello, I've got quite alot of work done on worldwarp 2.0 since my computer crash.​
    Some of the things requested i can 99% confirm will be in the release (They are already done. but who knows? ;) ) is:​
    Specify seed in command (Or don't, and get a true random one!)
    A .yml file instead of .worlds!
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    It would be nice if you could add different environments such as skylands, Keep up the great work!
  20. Read the previos post ;)
    Skylands have been added to the next release
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    /wlist doesn't work. whats wrong??
  22. Make sure you downloaded worldwarp02.zip
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    Since the new update for Bukkit, nobody has Permission to wwarp- halp!
  24. Is there a way to make it so some of the worlds are unchangeable so that you could have museum maps?
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    You could do that if you had Permissions - for example, in world 'Museum', you might edit Permissions so that build: false.
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    When i install the plugin and try the command /wcreate worldarea (my worlds name) normal it comes up with "An internal error occurec while aptempting to preform this command" it also does this with /wlist, and /wlist. what would i have to do to fix this problem?
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    @Raz this works for 1.6.6 just an FYI cb# 900
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    Jonny Dennis

    Could you add a permission so that you can set which world a group may warp to in permissions please :) It would be really helpful to have a world that only VIPs can access etc

    Thanks :)
  29. I am thinking of this.
    adding another parameter to /wcreate wich is a true/false one.
    If it's true it'll require the user tp have worldwarp.world.WorldName.
    I will look into this :)
    I don't know. Did you download worldwarp02.zip? That's the latest one.

    Otherwise, you'll have to wait for worldwarp2.0
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    Wow thank you! I've needed a world teleporting plugin for a while now and MultiVerse was too complicated for my users. THANK YOU!
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    i have a problem i have warped to the 2nt world now when i try to warp back it tells me the world is not found... how do i get back to the other world?

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