[TP/ADMIN/EDIT] WorldWarp 3.3 No BS. Pure MultiWorld! 1.4.7 R1.0

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    Updated to 3.3!
    Hey! It's time. WorldWarp 3.3! Please use Bukkit Dev for further information about the plugin & questions.
    Version 3.3
    • Fixed Flatlands (Thanks Neusor!)
    • Added /wback ability:
      • Allows players to use /wback to get back to their previous location after using /wwarp.
      • Uses WorldWarp.WBack for permission and defaults to all players.
      • Locations are NOT stored after server restarts / reloads
    Version 3.2
    • Changes to metrics
    • Added /wflag
    • Added ability to use flags with /wcreate
    • *Added Flatlands!
    • Updated for CB 1.3.1 - R2.0
    • Read Bukkit Dev for more information about new commands
    Version 3.0.0
    • Completely rewrote plugin
    • Added /wimport
    • Added /wdelete
    • Changed to new config system
    • Updated for 1.3.1
    Version 2.3.1
    • Fixed /wcreate
    Version 2.3
    • Updated for 1185 (1.8)
    • Changed to BukkitPermissions
    Version 2.2
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files, again.
    • Fixed seeds
    • Fixed sending commands from console
    • Fixed error in yml formatting
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    Version 2.1
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files.
    Version 2.0
    • Updated for minecraft 1.7.3
    • Added /wdelete
    • Rewrote whole pluin
    • Added Skylands
    • Added seeds
    • Added configs
    • Changed way of saving worlds
    Version 02
    • Updated for minecraft 1.5_02
    • Added /wlist
    • Some minor changes to code
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
    Wanna donate?
    You can find my PayPal in my signature
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    Its not the plugin.yml in the plugin folder, its actually in the WorldWarp02.jar itself.
    I would suggest either opening the .jar file with winrar or something like it and creating a plugin.yml, or you can re-download the plugin.
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    Hello! Nice plugin, BUT why when im warping between worlds, i spawning in SAND! And I can die! Please help!
    Sorry for my bad english=)
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    @ those guys that dont want monsters:
    try NoSpawn i use it and it works great you can enable and disable any mob in any world

    have you got an idea why wwarp forgets my worlds?
    everytime i restart my server i have to recreate the worlds, they still exist they are just not accessible unless "creating" them again
    but except that great plugin, its nice that it is so pure no unecassary ballast:D
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    Umm…what warp is the original world you start on called. I created a warp to another world and then warped there. Now I don't know how to get back.
    Nevermind I just couldn't create one back to my normal world because it had a space in it's name. IM ALL GOOD

    Request - Make a /wwerase <worldname> command that just erases it from the plugin files not from the computer
    You have a world in your server folder <worldname> and it had a wwarp to it. You type /wwerase <worldname> and then when you try /wwarp <worldname> it wouldn't warp you to that world because you just erased it from the WorldWarp directory but if you check your server folder the world would still be there, safe and sound.

    I know this probably made no sense but in other words just create an erase command that erases the world from the WorldWarp directory, not from the server folder!
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    Great plugin, but it causes massive memory leaks. After the server runs for a few hours, it lags out and crashes. I know that it is this plugin that causes it, because after I removed it, these problems went away.
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    Thanks for the plugin. The /wdelete command would help me out quite a bit. Can't wait for 0.3.
    Edit: If you could do something about the worlds not needing to be case-sensitive, that would be great too.
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    the command /wlist does not work for me. am i doing something wrong? also, great plugin![cake] cake for you sir!
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    You should try compiling the plugin in a .jar so that it can be used by subscribers of Servercraft, etc. Those of us who are aren't able to manage our plugin databases very well because of their current UI. All plugins have to be Jars.
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    This may be asking for a bit much, but is there anyway that you can make it so when you warp to say Build world you have inventory saved for that then if you warp to adventure world you have a different inventory, which is specific to that world.

    Essentially individual inventories for each separate world
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    MultiInv would let you do this.
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    @Raz Can you mirror these files on a filehost?
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    Hey just a quick question. when you create a new world and warp to it, how do you warp back to your old world without the home or spawn command. i tried warping to the name of the first world but it said that it didnt exist?

    for some reason when i import another world and warp to it it works fine but about an hour later the world changes to a randomly generated world. why is this happening?

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    thank you for making multi-world simple :)
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    This is a great simple plugin and needs an update, there's some issues now relating to how worlds get generated multiple times.fdssdf
    This is happening to me as well, does the same thing for creating a nether world, it'll eventually get overwritten by a random normal world.
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    I was having troubles using the commands to be able to warp to my already existing worlds, but thats asside the point.

    When will this plugin be updated? Just wondering if it will...?
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    Non-Permissions Plugins not Support plz
  19. I will update this soon.
    I get summer vacation tomorrow.
    I will make a whole new version from scratch, When i first made it i figured maybe 2 -3 people would use it and it would not require any big updates etc. I will also Open-Source it when the new version is out.
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    MLG Darren :D

    CAN you please add world remove? Because i tried to remove a world by deleting it's file and this plugin keeps making it come back!!! :( is there a way to stop this without removing the plugin?
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    Hi, I love your pluggin in and I know you're working on a /delete *world* cmd but I was wondering if you could show us a different way while we don't have one?
    Thanks :)
  23. To remove worlds:

    Close server
    Go to /plugins/ folder
    open .worlds and remove the line that belongs to that world.
    Example, you have a normal world named world1, the string would be
    Then remove world1 folder & start server again, and it wont generate again
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    Help! Whenever I start up WorldWarp I get this HUGE log of errors! I have posted them down below. Great plugin by the way, finally something that can do multiworld well!

    My plugins are:AimCannon, bFlight, BigBrother, Cleaner, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsGeoIP, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, FakeMessage,
    FalseBookBlock, FalseBookCart, FalseBookChat, FalseBookCore, FalseBookExtra, FalseBookIC, iConomy, Lockette, Minestairs, MoveCraft, NameChanger, NoWeather, PorteCoulissante, Towny, VoxelAir, WorldEdit, WorldWarp

    Also, could it be my Java being old? I have a problem that means I have to import java from another computer to update it :/

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    Will this update you are talking about allow me to for example change mobspawn: true/false for all the worlds i create?

    Great plugin btw!
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    He said he only wants this plugin to be for creating and teleporting to worlds. Nothing more at the moment.
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    1) This is an amazing plugin. Saved me hours of trying to set up permissions for my simple 2-person server. THANK YOU.

    2) I have about 5 worlds up & running on my server (they work fine), but when we use the "/wlist" command, nothing happens. It doesn't even come up with an error, like that it's unvalid, just.... blank. We are both ops, and I am confused (I am the owner of the server). Help please?
  28. Seems like quite a few things don't work. (Afterall, it's not updated since 740)
    I won't release an update for the /wlist problem.
    I will make a whole new version instead.
    And, thank you for likeing it.
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    Okay, thanks for the response.
    Though I have encountered something else, and I'm not sure if it can be fixed at the moment. When I restart the server, next time it is running, none of the worlds are running. I have to use /wcreate [world] [environment] to load them back up each time, which is slightly irritating considering I have 6 worlds.

    Other than that, this is amazing and a TON easier to use than Multiverse, with which I tried and failed. :p
  30. That's wierd. Loading worlds should still work.
    But then again. I will code all day tommorow, hopefully i can release a multiverse 2.0 this weekend.
    (If i dont end up camping & drinking beer with my friends, slight chance for that too :p)
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    Sounds cool, I'll be eagerly awaiting an update. :)

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