[TP/ADMIN/EDIT] WorldWarp 3.3 No BS. Pure MultiWorld! 1.4.7 R1.0

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    Updated to 3.3!
    Hey! It's time. WorldWarp 3.3! Please use Bukkit Dev for further information about the plugin & questions.
    Version 3.3
    • Fixed Flatlands (Thanks Neusor!)
    • Added /wback ability:
      • Allows players to use /wback to get back to their previous location after using /wwarp.
      • Uses WorldWarp.WBack for permission and defaults to all players.
      • Locations are NOT stored after server restarts / reloads
    Version 3.2
    • Changes to metrics
    • Added /wflag
    • Added ability to use flags with /wcreate
    • *Added Flatlands!
    • Updated for CB 1.3.1 - R2.0
    • Read Bukkit Dev for more information about new commands
    Version 3.0.0
    • Completely rewrote plugin
    • Added /wimport
    • Added /wdelete
    • Changed to new config system
    • Updated for 1.3.1
    Version 2.3.1
    • Fixed /wcreate
    Version 2.3
    • Updated for 1185 (1.8)
    • Changed to BukkitPermissions
    Version 2.2
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files, again.
    • Fixed seeds
    • Fixed sending commands from console
    • Fixed error in yml formatting
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    Version 2.1
    • Fixed some bugs with saving/loading worldwarp's files.
    Version 2.0
    • Updated for minecraft 1.7.3
    • Added /wdelete
    • Rewrote whole pluin
    • Added Skylands
    • Added seeds
    • Added configs
    • Changed way of saving worlds
    Version 02
    • Updated for minecraft 1.5_02
    • Added /wlist
    • Some minor changes to code
    Version 0.1
    • Initial release.
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    You can find my PayPal in my signature
  2. Gonna try tomorrow.
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    thanks! its rather simpler than multiverse, too! :D
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    I like this, it allows multiworld functionality without needing a big system of gates and such.

    Although how does setting the warps actually work? I can't exactly tell from the OP
  5. It will warp to the spawn of that world :)
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    Thank you, sir :D
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    this program is a pretty good one execpt when i go to the other world (its another one i already made) it lags like crazy and i cant really do anything there..

    is there a way to fix this? or is it just like that
  8. The chunks have to load. It's in minecraft :) After the chunks is loaded the lag will disappear
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    I don't understand, does that mean, if i wanted like, a town-world added to my server,..

    well, lets say i have a file of a town, and i want to warp that to my world. And lets say that its called Townzor..

    How would i command it in there, just as an example?

    OR, do you mean, i do like /wcreate Blah normal, then to change it to like snow or something i do /wcreat Blah snow? or what O_O...

    AND if i would want to add a world that i already built on, is there a way i could do that? :X
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    How are world seeds determined? Are they just randomly generated? I have a seed set in my server properties and I'm hoping that any new worlds I create don't come out as defined by my default seed.
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    You sir are amazing! >D

    Exactly what I needed with the amazing simplicity =D
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    Tested and works. You'll have to /wcreate <world> <environment> for every world, even your default world to access it using /wwarp <world>.

    If I could request one feature, that would be to delete a world using a command, if possible. Perhaps /wdelete <world>. It would be cool if I could just copy my single player maps over to the server, load them, use worldedit to import a few things, then just delete the worlds.
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    Sounds good. Like dxfire said, much simpler than multiverse. ^_^

    If only map speeds could be specified when creating worlds, it would be perfect...
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    When I use it the server goes crazy with lag and eventually times out anyone on the server. If I restart the server, it just starts out reallly slow. Is there any way to fix this? All I want to do is take a certain part of my old map and put it in my new one....
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    Can't seems to get it to work with permissions.
    It keeps telling me I don't have permission on every command, even though I'm the Admin with

    Tried adding ww.create and ww.warp, didn't change a thing. How can I get it to work?

    Edit: Ignore all that, I'm an idiot who mistyped the group name when changing it in permission... Everything works, thanks
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    Hmm, i see no .jar file in the .zip and nothings loaded, am I being a nub? :)

    Edit: just seems to do this on mac
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    I have a PROBLEM!
    when i say /wcreate oldworld enviorment, then it ask me too choose type of world.
    Then here i can't choose D:
    My old world is DOOMED!
  18. If you use /wcreate Townzor & that world already exists it will only be added to /wwarp :) Not generate a whole new world.
    And its /wcreate Blah normal/nether, It won't affect the weather.

    Hmm, Interesting! I will check this out.
    There is no way to put a specific seed while creating a world with the bukkit api, I will look into this!
    Right now it might use the seed for all worlds, never really tried that, i will do now :)

    Running two worlds means double work for the server, It has to run time, weather, animals etc individual for each world. Your server might just not be good enough, Cause it works without lag on an average server

    Try to re-download it :)

    Do you mean a physical delete ( Remove the folder ) Or a "soft delete" (Remove it from world loader)
    or perhaps a /wdelete [worldname] [physical/soft]

    And about World seeds, I will look into this! :)
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    It looks nice but can you make the possibility to make warps private?

    I'm gonna use this that's for sure. My old warp plug-in has multiworld warp but you have to typ:
    /warp force-to [name] to go to the warp in a different world. And every time we restart the server the warps in the nether are invalid.
    So this is a big improvement!
  20. enviorment = normal/nether
    So it should be /wcreate oldworld normal
    or /wcreate oldworld nether

    How do you mean by private?
    Could you explain in detail :)?
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    Peetz said:
    I have a PROBLEM!
    when i say /wcreate oldworld enviorment, then it ask me too choose type of world.
    Then here i can't choose D:
    My old world is DOOMED!
    enviorment = normal/nether
    So it should be /wcreate oldworld normal
    or /wcreate oldworld nether
    i can't do that then it just create a world called oldworld :l
  22. oldworld = the name of your old world :) like world1 or something :p
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    Hmmmmmmmm, i try it out but,

    Im new in the bukkit Scene and i was seaching so long for Something like that!

    [diamond][diamond][diamond][diamond] and a [cake], keep the work, pleeeease!
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    Thanks man!
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    So, before I completely screw something up, you need to do a /wcreate to add a wolrd that you already have on the server to import it into the plugin, yes?

    I.E. I have a world call world2 so all I need to do is /wcreate world2 normal, then users can warp to it correct?

    Edit: scratch that, no sleep and lawyers make me not able to read properly. Disregard my post.
  26. Haha :) But well, you got it exactly correct!
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    I have installed this on my server (Bukkit 670) and it works great. It even works with minecart mania's cart teleport mod. I've been looking for something like this for days now. Will keep it and use it always.
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    Firstly: I'm very patient person and I have searched for this kind of plugin for a while.

    But I have this one question...

    + when i unzip it with mac it renames it ww? How do you do that?
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    nice plugin :D

    but everytime i try to /wcreate oldworld normal i get a message say "this will take a while! stand by for green screen" im like yes its working.......then this message comes up "an internal error occurred while attempting to perform this command" what is going on here?? am i doing something wrong? and i am using 670 also the server will crash after it says that

    ps sorry for being a nub :(
  30. The .zip contains a file called ww.jar :) paste that ww file in /plugins/

    make sure you type your old world's name instead oldworld
    And try to reinstall the plugin, I't work'd great to add old worlds when i tried it :p

    Also note! That green message "This will take a while!" Will be shown even if the world exists as it prepares the spawn area for that world :)

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