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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by j3fftw, Oct 7, 2019.

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    Declaring war between 2 towns forces pvp in both town chunks, also enables pvp in all worlds between warring player from those towns, including resworld where pvp is disabled by default.

    Town A declares war on Town B = Town A can kill players from Town B in their town chunks and vice versa.
    Other towns and stray players cannot attack them in the town chunks.

    For towns at war - each player death will withdraw money from their town bank and add it to a war bank.
    At the end of the war, the winning town (most kills) gets the money added to their town bank.

    Leaderboard for most kills per Town and Player: (with papi support)
    Most kills (town) - rewards buff for all town members
    Most kills (player, must be in a town) - rewards pvp tokens (or price money / command)

    Town war duration (default 24 hours)
    Amount of money withdrawed from town bank after player death
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    @j3fftw People usually don't develop whole gamemodes on here..
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    What do people usually devlop on here
    and i thought of it as a addon to Towny the existing plugin
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    @j3fftw People usually develop simple plugins or addons..
    What you described may depend on towny to work but I wouldn't call it an anddon, it's more like a whole new gamemode
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    @robertlit, this is not a whole gamemode, it's quite simple for someone who has time to do it. All you need is a town class with chunks, vault integration and a war state with kill variables.

    Unfortunately atm I am working on other plugins, I might be able to work on this in a couple days or maybe even a week, if I have the time
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    if you can that would be really cool i thought it was possible via towny it self since they introduce towny war but it isnt. i wanted to have this as a update for my server anyways i dont need it tommorow or next week but if you wanna work on it in the feature that would be really cool
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    bump we are still searching for this addon
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