[Towny] Not allowed to destroy in the wild

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by EpicMinerDude99, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Hey. I just got Towny, and I'm getting an error when I try to build or destroy in the wild. The error is in the title. I've changed the config file in the Towny folder to allow building and destroying but that didn't help.
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    Give the permission node towny.wild.* either in your permission plugin or in the townyperms.yml file.
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    Where do I put it? Where abouts in the file?

    Bump. Where am I meant to add towny.wild.*? Where abouts?

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    If you have a permission plugin you add it to the default player, but if not look into the townyperms.yml as LlmDl said
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    I REALLY don't understand. I added it to something. Didn't work.

    - towny.command.towny.map
    - towny.command.towny.prices
    - towny.command.towny.tree
    - towny.command.towny.time
    - towny.command.towny.universe
    - towny.command.towny.version
    - towny.command.towny.war
    - towny.command.town.new
    - towny.command.town.join
    - towny.command.town.list
    - towny.command.plot.perm
    - towny.command.nation.list
    - towny.town.resident
    - towny.town.spawn.public
    - towny.chat.general
    - towny.wild.*

    That's what my nomad thing looks like. IF that's wrong, then I really do not understand where abouts I'm meant to put towny.wild.*. Yeah, in the townyperms, but where abouts?
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    That would be the correct place to put it.
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    It still doesn't work though... ;_;
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    Maybe its something to do with WorldGuard, try doing /region flag __global__ build allow, then just Protect the areas you want to.
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