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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Ross Gosling, Mar 22, 2012.

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    Ross Gosling

    Could someone make a plugin that links into Towny, I want every ones name tags to be invisible (perma sneak-fade if not possible) but you can see peoples tags if they are in your town/nation.

    Permissions is unneeded, a config might not even be required but I would really like this plugin as it would add to the stealth and strategy with living in the wild and town vs town warfare.

    I don't want to have to use spout so if this can be done without that would be very helpful and I have no objection to this plugin being made public.

    Very similar Plugin here - Source is included if that helps
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    Pretty sure that requires spout.
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    at the least broadcast them as sneaking to all but their teammates (not invisble... but obscured)
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    Ross Gosling

    If it couldn't be invisible maybe permanently sneaking type thing, so it is always faded out like Newtkiller17 suggests
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    Ross Gosling

    Any devs interested?
  6. This is already 'semi' possible if using TwonyChat.
    Don't add the tags to global chat, but have them displayed in the Town and Nation chat only.
  7. ElgarL

    I think he's talking about the name tags that float above the players' heads. The ones that disappear when we crouch :)

    Is there n official way to hook into towny? If not, would it be okay with you if I did make the requested add-on here?
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    Ross Gosling

    Can you actually make this plugin then?
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    Ross Gosling

    As clearly acuddlyheadcrab isnt going to make this plugin any more does anyone else want to make it?

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