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    Here is my idea: i can't code or anything but it's a pretty good idea i think, very similar to towny mod but better i think. Although if the towny dev is still active and ports towny to bukkit then im fine with that. If not... I NEED THIS MOD NOW PLZ. sum1 plz codez it for me. i need the one where i dont have to think.


    Ok so you have admins and mods with the ability to create towns, set a leader, and then name their town. There would be a town request feature so players can request a town with a specified name starting on the block that they are standing on and admins or mods can simply grant it when they log on.
    The leaders have the ability to:
    Set residency options: Free join or no (other players can join the town without permission from the leader)
    Create Co-Leaders
    Request players to reside in their town
    Accept requests from players wishing to reside in their town
    Set block protection status of their town to outsiders- on/off/build (all residents have full block permission unless a land owner has set it otherwise)
    Grant certain town blocks to a resident, making them a land owner
    Accept requests from residents for certain town blocks
    Declare disposition to another town (allied, neutral, enemy)
    Declare war on another town or alliance
    (maybe an option to accept war if you don't want random wars)
    Request Peace
    Accept Peace
    Become the leader of their alliance-Their town becomes the capital city of the alliance
    Kick residents out of their town
    Set a town message to outsiders, and a different one for residents and another for enemies
    Call a vote
    Claim land
    Pay some kind of money (iConomy?) in order to buy extra claimable land
    More? idk. All i thought of for now
    The way the land would work is that all the blocks in the world are divided into larger chunks of blocks strecthing from the bedrock to the sky limit. Depending on the population of your town you could claim more chunks of land for your town. Alternatively you can just set your town to claim all chunks that it can in a square whose source is the original town chunk. So when you get the ability to claim a new chunk, the town will automatically claim a chunk that is 1 chunk to the north of your original chunk, if it cannot then it will go northeast 1 chunk, then east 1 chunk, etc. Then when it cannot do 1 chunk because all are claimed it will do north 2 chunks above your original. Eventually you will have a giant square town. The town leader can give certain chunks to a resident and then they have a new series of options for that land:
    Land Owners have the ability to:
    Set the block protection for their land to all residents unless they are town leader or have beeen allowed by the land owner: on/off/build
    Let another resident become Co-Owner
    Set permissions for another resident: on/off/build
    Gift a chunk of their land to the town (make it public again) or to another player.
    Sell a chunk of their land to another player.
    Accept requests for block permissions on their land

    All residents have the ability to:
    Request land from the town
    Request block permissions on someone else's land
    Vote on an issue

    All players have the ability to:
    Request entry to a town
    Request to create a new town

    The way war works:
    Block permissions are set so that the enemy you are at war with can destroy and build in your town. Maybe "King of the Chunk" type gameplay. Where you are standing in an enemy chunk for a certain amount of time without dying then your town gets hold of it. But if you capture the original block for the enemy town u automatically get all their blocks and the town is eliminated and you get it. This is not supposed to be a friendly "yay lets build cool stuff" system. It is supposed to be punishing for the people that lose. They always have the option to rebuild their town though and go to war to reclaim their old one. The more i think about it i guess the two sides would have to agree to go to war or else one super powerful town would just declare war on any little fledgling town it wanted to. Or a town where no one was online. Anyways these are just ideas but i hope something like this is made. I have looked at TeamPvP which is coming out but I don't think that that is what i am looking for.
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    This seems like far too much for a single plugin, imo.

    You should be able to get this type of town running with a few different plugins, though I take you're looking for something along the lines of an "All in One" plugin that effectively allows you to run a town from that one, seems like a lot of work, but I reckon it's not the best of an idea to do.
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    It already exists basically. Called Towny Mod for hMod. Although I am unsure if it is still in development or if it will be ported to Bukkit. What types of plugins would I use to create a system like this?
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    He knows.

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