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    Plugin category: Compatitive Minigames

    Suggested name: Tower Defense

    What I want: i would like to make a Tower Defense gamemode with automated joining and multiple arenas, what it will contain is a 8 players free for all game, Those players all have there own lane where hostile mobs will run trough. they can buy towers to defend there lane or they can spawn mobs in hostile lanes to get income (income stacks and u get it every 20 secs or so) the goal is that you can protect your lane and destroy the other lanes. I would also like an elo system if that would be possible, i know this is a bit much but this is for a big project!

    Ideas for commands: /td <args>
    Ideas for permissions: td.<args>
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    If someone does make this plugin can you pm me a link for it. I would love to have this on my server also :D

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