Torch emits light from hand/hotbar and decays

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    How it works: You hold a torch in your hand/hotbar and light emits around you, but at the same time every minute a torch is removed from the stack.

    Plugin category: MISC

    Suggested name: Torched

    What I want: A torch perferably anywhere in the hotbar[first nine items] that will emit light for the player only. On top of that after a configurable amount of time a torch from the hotbar will be removed as if it burned out.

    You can also add a permission for certain players such as donators to have no decay on their torches.

    Ideas for commands: No commands needed for this plugin. But a configuration is defiantly needed.

    Ideas for permissions: torched.use : torched.unlimited

    When I'd like it by: Anytime within the next 3 months, their is no rush, quality over speed.
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    Well this is a texture pack mod not a server mod.
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    light is handled client side.
  4. The only way this would really work with a plugin would be to grant nightvision when a torch is selected in the hotbar, and I'm just assuming that's doable.
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  6. give the torch a name like MEGATORCH 20/20 and have the life tick down till item decay event

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