Top 5 worst issues with Bukkit 1.3- Fuck my life

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Mime21, Aug 19, 2012.

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    My top 5 list of Bukkit 1.3 issue which they have yet to fix, save the best for last??

    1. Auto World saving issue, every 40+- seconds
    2. Auto World saving issue, every 10+- seconds randomly
    3. Ram leeks, 16 gigs of ram drops like a mother fucker on my Dedicated server.
    4. TPS fucking lag drops, TPS drops from 20 -> 6, lag spike fucks me, then it jumps back to 35TPS/20,
    so thats about -25% lag...Seriously Bukkit?
    5. And finaly, the worst issue of them all, in all of my support tickets they blame this shit on my plugins :)
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    Maybe it's because of your plugins...

    P.S - A fine choice of vocabulary you used :)
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    Also, again. As jack said in the Common Problems and Solution section, please watch your language (title) as their are younger users on here and I don't think their parents would like them seeing that language at their age.
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    you know, you're making a point. However your vocabulary usages make us think you're just another frustrated child not to be taken serious.

    Let me explain java for you:
    if a programmer writes something and compiles the code, most languages make of the human understandable code something your processor knows. Java does it different: compiling your code to class files, with in them java byte code. This is the code the JVM understands (something you need to install to run java: the java virtual machine). It's a virtual processor on your computer, compiling the java byte code (this looks a bit like assembly btw) making it understandable for your processor. Most other languages don't do this, but just compile human readable code to machine language. Every logical thinkin human being understand that this is slower. Why they do it? This is the strength of Java: every machine running a JVM, if it's a computer, your tv, your mobile phone or soemthing else with a processor in it, can understand that piece of code you've written. So it has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Now don't tell me java is the way to go with games.. It's not. Compare every other game's resource usages, FPS, speed etc. with a game written in java (MC f.e.) and you'll know what I'm talking about.

    now second thing: did you test your server without any plugins? because it's very likely that plugins cause memory leaks too

    tl;dr java is slow, test without plugins
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    Just close this thread ?
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    why? it's good to talk about mc not being as amazing as people think it is, and talk about mojang not being able to fix memory leaks with a whole team, how much money have they earned with MC so far? that would be around 177.065.750$, could be a few million less or more. Shouldn't they start making their game more performant? my laptop melts after playing 30 minutes of MC, I can play WoW a whole day without any issues... so no, let's not close this thread..
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    Ive been in this for 1 year, running over 80k members on my server's. Its not my plugins, i know what Im doing, im VERY experienced with performance issues, its not my server or its plugins.
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    The way you're posting things and spamming the forums makes me thing you're not that experienced =) 80k players? give me a link to your website/forum?
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    Yeah 1 sec, and pvp.FusionRush-MC ::)

    Dont judge a book by its cover, were ranked the #1 factions server, in the world, player based.


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    Sure, so why not showing your community to me? I mean, 80k players almost as big as the bukkit community itself. (almost half) so you're probably the most famous guy in the minecraft world I'm talking to at the moment =) I really like to see your site or server?
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    No, i dont undersand you.
    Yeah 1 sec, and pvp.FusionRush-MC ::)
    Note, we only have 1.2k registerd members, since were a pvp server, we dont give a fuck about that gay shit. also its new forum. we get around 120+ @ the day on our 1 server.

    We have over 80k joins, on our ONE pvp server.

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    and btw, assuming you're an adult because you're running such a big server, don't you think it's a bit childish to spam the whole forum with your 5 points? there are a lot more issues than you said, and they are being looked after, but it takes some time. If you read my first post, I also don't understand why a 175 million company doesn't fix it's game, why they do'nt re-write it in c++ or something (probably because jeb doesn't know how to) but it doesn't mean we should be impatient spamming the forums.
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    yes im sorry, loads of players depend on my server for there gaming needs, its stressfull, and im only 16. in 3 years, we will be huge then
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    joins means nothing. from the looks of your forums you have something like 8 players at any given time.
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    • Please keep the swearing to a minimum.
    Like i said, these forums are new, look at our player amounts. We give fuck all about forums. were not a gay ass RPG server

    correction- 16 on .
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    Ok look: I know how frustrating it can be. Many players are poking you on FB, msn, skype, ventrillo, teamspeak, forums,.. Just make an announcement that bukkit is being worked on (they aren't all that stupid, they know there was an update only a few weeks ago, it takes time). But really, spamming forums won't help you at all, the only thing it will get you is a forum ban. not a good idea. Now I do wish you luck and I hope things get fixed soon =)

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    Get this on topic or else it'll be locked faster than than a barefoot jack rabbit on a hot greasy griddle in the middle of August.
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    The Bukkit team works really hard on their Bukkit. They spend HOURS at a time coding it. I've heard before that they spend up to 14 hours coding it a day at times, so be patient. The project is 100% free so you can't expect it to come at the speed of light, although it already comes as soon as it is ready. They work very hard, if you were a developer, you would understand. When I get on my server, I'm spammed with: StealthBravo! StealthBravo! blah blah blah blah blah. These guys get the same thing, but probably a lot more of it. So, respect them. The absolutely do NOT have to make Bukkit, in fact they could just say: "Screw you, we have lives too you know." But guess what? They don't, and that's because they care. Give them respect, or get out of the Bukkit community. We don't enjoy spammers and people that think begging the Bukkit team to death is gonna help them.

    Oh yah, swearing is real mature too. Makes you so much cooler right? I'm sure that f bombing everyone here is gonna get you Bukkit a lot faster, correct?
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Try 1.3.1-R2.0 or if you're feeling crazy, b2342.
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    This is a bukkit help forum, try the minecraft discussion forum.
    Dont blame bukkit (I hate when they bash on bukkit, its free :/ )
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    And I blame bukkit? I don't think you got my point than =S yes I know it it free and yes I know MC is not. so mojang should fix things, bukkit is doing great the way it has been doing for the past months =)

    And yes, didn't know this was in the help section, I remeber clicking this link in the discussion section yesterday, but I might have mistaken it for another thread =)

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    I was trying to say that the op is raging/trolling in the wrong forum.
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    zegt de man met de naam strontkever?

    sais the guy with the name shitbeatle?
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    I don't see where you said you tested without your plugins, so I'll reiterate what's been said for kicks.

    Since Bukkit has updated, things could have changed. A plugin that used to cause no lag might now cause a hailstorm of it. Possibly dev builds (or even releases by now) of your plugins are available that might fix this, so you could look into that. For me swapping to opensdk Java 1.7 (64-bit in my case) and updating the majority of my plugins to (theoretically) 131 compatible builds solved the majority of issues I was having early on, and my server has since returned to normal.

    I understand you're mostly ranting... However this is not the forum for ranting, it's for help, so I'm assuming you want a fix action. If you just want to scream, there's the 131 announcement, or Offtopic... Alternatively your own pillow.
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    I did warn u oh well now u have a mod n admin on ur back good luck. I had preform lace issues before so I just switched to another computer and it worked fine. Have a lot of plugins will screw ur server up. I had 80 plugins lagged everyday every night chunks broke , unloaded , deleted drop my plugins down to 21 worked better then to 13 and no lag :)
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    I keep seeing this pop up every once in a while, and to be frank it's getting rather tiring to see it spewed about by people who likely have only ever heard it from someone else, and then choose to believe it themselves.

    Java is not bad with games, and in the grand scheme of things, can be very lightweight and smooth if used correctly to code one. Minecraft is a horrendous example of why games shouldn't be coded in Java, primarily because Minecraft is coded without utmost performance in mind.

    There was a time when, yes, Java had the potential to be slower than most other languages (take C++ for example) when it came to writing games, but such times are few and far between nowadays. In fact, there have been tests where Java will actually run faster than an equally well-coded C++ game given the right circumstances. That being said, Java is generally used for niches that are more specific to what it excels at--such as networking.

    So no, Java is not the way to go with games--and no language really is. What Java is, essentially, is one of many ways to go with games. If you're more comfortable with performance-minded code in Java, then go with it. Just bear in mind that Java lacks certain resources that you may find in other languages due to their prevalence in the game industry, thus overshadowing Java in that respect.

    [/end tangent]
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    Lol same, I think I could play BF3 for a good few hours. And my laptop would next be burning like a furnace (lol)
    Minecraft, once I enter my server it's already hotter then a furnace and getting closer to the sun. It's started getting hot under the mousepad and to the left of it, and this is with a cooler.
    Anyway about the thread, umm lol. Bukkit made it free, but they choose to. Nearly every game with a modding feature is free (AMXX For 1.6, Sourcemod for the source engine, there's 1 for BF3 I heard which is good)
    They don't this because they want to not because they have to, they can easily put a £50 pricetag on it. But think about it, how will it work? What about plugin creators? They'd want abita dollar to, and how about private plugins?

    So anyway, I think it is one of your plugins. But I duno, I've only owner a minecraft server for like 2 months. I had iconomy and then had to transfer to bose conomy, which made my cpu usage really jumpy. And deleted it and reffered to essentials conomy, which is fine. But my cpu still is abit jumpy from like 50% to 75% and back, but this is once every minute or so?
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