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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by GameplayJDK, Mar 8, 2014.

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    This tool is just a simple GUI, similar to the normal console.
    Don't expect too much from it :) I just started development and the next changes are just planned:
    • Plugin for remote control (will be available on dev.bukkit.org)
    • Player List & Online Players (in 1.8 with their UUID)
    • Resource monitor (maybe)
    • To be continued...
    Source will be available on Github as soon as possible (which basically means as soon as I found out how to use it correctly with eclipse).

    I'm happy about any suggestion :)

    _ GameplayJDK

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    Hmm, Looks cool
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    @GameplayJDK I have to say thank you. This saved me a lot of trouble while attempting to test plugins. I am currently using a school issued macbook which blocks terminal for obvious reasons so I needed a wrapper to setup a test server and yours works perfectly :D
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    Oh this is amazing! A little late for my reply, yes. I had loved bukkit GUI earlier and I am finally getting back into the whole server hosting fun so I felt it necessary to go and download Bukkit GUI again for my new computer... I agree: Linux FTW!
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    Hello, @GameplayJDK I downloaded bukkit gui v2 and I love it! Then I found out there is mcMMO on it, so when I tried to download mcMMO everything went fine until I went in game and did /mcMMO and nothing happens, when I do /plugins it shows mcMMO but in red text all the other plugins are in green text and working fine. Please help!

    -Thanks, Da_PDOG
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    I like it! :D Continue adding more features and it might just get more attention.
  7. You could even build it into a Server Plugin. That would ease getting data like online players alot.
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