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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by StormEagleed, Jul 12, 2012.

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    Permissions Ex Ultimate PermWriter
    Version v1.41

    The hardest part about making a server to me was writing the permissions. After some recent encounters with other server owners, I saw that they too were having a bit of difficulty with writing permissions(regardless of the permissions plugin). This tool puts a graphical interface on writing permissions. I make this in the hopes it makes the lives of new server owners easier!

    This program was written in VB.NET 2010. This is my first post(that actually advertises a program/plugin) and if I'm missing anything let me know :3

    • A user-friendly interface
    • Not limited to what or how many permission nodes/groups/users you can have
    • Minecraft Color code ToolBox built in!
    • Permission Ex Friendly
    • Lightweight, no installation required
    • Customize everything: Inheritance, per user/group permissions, message-format, and prefix/suffix etc...

    Known Bugs:
    • Remove options can be a bit buggy, bypass this by spelling the node/inheritance correctly
    • Make more user-friendly (if possible)
    • Allow for editing of groups/users (there is no way as of yet to undo a group/user addition) (This is in the NEAR future!)
    • Allow the user to import an already written permissions file and edit it
    - Added the ability to import already written permissions file( File > Import)

    - Added a more user friendly interface
    - Added "Rank" And "message-format"
    - Fixed an issue with Inheritance not writing correctly
    - Added help support for "Rank" "message-format" and "Defualt"
    - Added a variable listing for "message-format"

    - Switched the "Group" and "User" textboxes to align with the "Add" controls
    - Added an "Inheritance" list, similar to permissions
    - Added troubleshooting support for 'Default' and 'Inheritance' items
    - Fixed some spelling errors
    - Added a remove option to "Group" and "User" and "Inheritance"
    - Added "Enter" key support for the permission node additions and inheritance

    - Fixed an issue with the permissions not saving correctly
    - Added 'Inheritance' to 'Add Group'

    - Added links to Bukkit
    - Added links to PEX @
    - Added Fancy Images

    - Beta Launched
    - Fixed an issue with saving the permissions YAML
    - Added Troubleshooting
    - Added Help
    - Added About


    Any feedback would help!
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    Crash when i start server and click "Operators" ;D
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    Will bug test this.
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    Hmm, that's strange. The only instance I've come across that actually makes it "crash" is when there isn't a default group(default: true). Could you maybe describe what you were doing when you got the crash?
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    Please add message-format, it's with chat manager.
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    Not quite sure what you mean. This program modifies the permissions.yml of PermissionsEx. I would think that ChatManager would have it's own config for chat formatting?

    Oh! I did a little research and I see what you mean. Didn't know about that feature! Ill add it right away.
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    Good. Can you add multi permissions adder support? I paste many perms, but there I can add only one.
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    It has multi-permission support already! You just have to click the button (or press enter) once you've pasted the permission node in the area, otherwise it won't add it. You'll know if it's added because it will appear in that box below. ;)
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    Guys i love this dam thing it makes my permisson alot easier make sure to like as i did and download and use i promise ur permission will be alot easier as mine were also hard and is easy
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    Please update "About" tab.;)
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    Oh, right! Will do!
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    please make it for mac :D
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    Great Idea! I am taking a swing at hosting a public server soon and one of my least favorite parts of my private server was trying to deal with permissions. I will comment again with the results of your plugin!
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    Again as someone has already siad i am a pure mac user and i run my server off of it. Please try your best and thats all i ask of you. Thank you very much and looks very simple to use. Cheers mate,
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    it crashes on startup it says not compatible with win32 and does it mater which version u use for the version of pex
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    So I guess no one is gonna make it for mac then?
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    Inactive : /
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    Ikr :c
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    Could anyone provide a download link for this as the current one is 404ing on me. I know the dev seems to have abandoned it but would still love to try it. :)

    Thanks in advance
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    Marked as inactive. OP can report and request it be made active if he updates it.
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