[Tool] MineMod v1.0.0.2 - Installing mods made easy

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by Bertware, Jan 16, 2012.

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    It's a tool, it's an executable.
    If you want to run it on mac/linux, you can try mono.
    Just drop it anywhere on your computer, location doesn't matter.
    Point to the .jar file to mod in the first textbox, then drop the mods into the window.
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    how do you use mono?
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    I guess everything is explained here, else you can use google.

    I never needed it, as I use windows. I just heard from users from my GUI that the GUI runs with mono, so you can give this a try with mono.
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    it failed on my mac so you need to add a mac version
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    I just sign up just to say I FUCKING LOVE YOU! No homo obv. =D
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    You'd need to do the Mac version in java, it'd work for Linux then, too.
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    Does everyone on the server have to get the mod for it to work?
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    For modloader mods the server and all users have to have to mod installed.
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    If the mod was made WITHOUT modloader, than would everyone still have to have the mod?
  10. Can you make a version on Mac?Cause when i open the application it did not work
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    Or python or ruby or c or c++ or go or scala or ANYTHING that happens to be cross platform.
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    Edit : At first doing this it messed up my meta file. I had made a backup copy just in case...after it updated my craftbukkit...i dropped in the clean meta inf file...and it runs. Now Im going to test to see if the mods showed up.

    Nope. On smp it will not load my mods. I see them on Tmi but once clicked the item doesnt have an item id and such . Guess ill try to do it manually?

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    Make it for mac.
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    Make it on linux
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    Oh wow.. looks interesting.
    Do you mind if you PM me the source code for this project?
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    how do you put in mods in bukkit server???
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