[TOOL] Minecraft Version Changer 1.1 - REALLY EASY TO USE!

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    Minecraft Version Changer 1.1

    Wanna change your version of Minecraft?! Yes?! Just turn this program and choose version what you want! This is it! You have all public versions of Minecraft! Just look at it! It's really helpful!
    This the easiest way to change your version of Minecraf!

    Some tips for notebook users, if you do not have mouse scroll, use keyboard arrows to navigate list.
    If your finger is in pain and you need to scroll to top of list just use button on topleft of list!

    Version list updates automatically, so you not to be worry of updating program.
    Program have two languages and chooses it automatically if detect it on your computer(English/Polish).

    Here's a screenshot from newest version of MVC:


    Think about that - Why there's no norton scan? Heh...

    Remember to read Readme.txt for more info!

    To do:
    - Add more servers
    - ???

    Changelog 1.1:
    - Bug fix

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    Changelog 1.09:
    - Now you can choose where you want save server
    - Visual fixes
    - Now you can play SurvivalTest!

    Changelog 1.08:
    - Backup system
    - Scrolling with using Page Up/Page Down keys
    - Improvement detection of failure connection with MVC server
    - Fixed visual bugs
    - Code optimization

    Changelog 1.07:
    - Fixed wrong minecraft file save

    Changelog 1.06:
    - Add server applications support

    Changelog 1.05:
    - Better way to use "single arrow buttons"
    - Fixed fail library(It may detect virus in some lame antivirus)

    Changelog 1.04:
    - New two buttons to change version from list(or use keyboard arrows)
    - Autocheck new releases of MVC

    Avaliable versions:
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    Avaliable servers:
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    Alpha 1.0.17_02
    Alpha 1.0.17_04
    Alpha 1.1.2_01
    Alpha 1.2.0_01
    Alpha 1.2.2A
    Alpha 1.2.2B
    Alpha 1.2.3_04
    Alpha 1.2.4_01
    Alpha 1.2.5
    Alpha 1.2.6
    Beta 1.2
    Beta 1.2_01
    Beta 1.3A
    Beta 1.3B
    Beta 1.4
    Beta 1.5_01
    Beta 1.6.6
    Beta 1.7.3
    Beta 1.8_PreRelease1
    Beta 1.8_PreRelease2
    Beta 1.8
    Beta 1.8.1
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease1
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease2
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease3
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease4
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease5
    Beta 1.9_PreRelease6
    Full 1.0
    Snapshot 11w47a
    Snapshot 11w48a
    Snapshot 11w49a
    Snapshot 11w50a
    Snapshot 12w01a
    Full 1.1.0
    Snapshot 12w03a
    Snapshot 12w04a
    Snapshot 12w05a
    Snapshot 12w05b
    Snapshot 12w06a
    Snapshot 12w07a
    Snapshot 12w07b
    Snapshot 12w08a
    Preview 1.2
    Full 1.2.1
    Full 1.2.2
    Full 1.2.3
    Full 1.2.4
    And rest of the newest versions!

    KodekPL – Programming
    creesee – Design
    Adshi – Host

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    Mac compatible?
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    Why he doesn't have server for the 1.5_01 version ?
    I looked everywhere to find a minecraft_server.exe in 1.5_01 but I have never found it
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