[TOOL] Minecraft downgrader (switch back and forth between 1.7 and 1.8)

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by LEOcab, Sep 14, 2011.

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    1.8 is out. Bukkit is still on 1.7 so I figured I'd make this program to let my players switch versions. I'm sure there are more like this out there but I'm gonna share it with you guys anyways. I'm sure some of you will find it useful. :)

    Download: [link removed - contains minecraft.jar]
    I'll update it every time a patch comes out. Enjoy! :D
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    Don Redhorse

    cool... thanks... but how does it work?
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    Close the game, run the tool, click the button of the version you want and voila. :D
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    Nathan C

    Sounds like a scam.
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    I know. But it is legit. It's just a compiled AutoIt script bundled with both JARs. :p

    I made it because most of my players are 12 and under or otherwise mentally incapable of backing up a JAR and switching them manually...
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    Lol, was it the Scan Dic.us that made you think this was dodgey ?
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    Scandic... Scandic Hardcore Minecraft Server... that's the name of my server... :eek:
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    sorry dude, just when i first read it (i am half asleep) i thought it was some weird play on words.
    Scan Dick? US but yea its cool you made this, i dont wanna be a person that says this has been done loads of times. but.. My mod launcher does this. of course yours is great though for young kids, so good work.
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    LOL. It does seem that way. :D

    And thanks. ;)
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    This is rad as hell

    Good for my less computery inclined users who updated to 1.8 without thinking.
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    tha d0ctor


    Keep It Simple, Stupid!

    this does that exactly, good job!
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    Cool tool, although I'd be wary of redistributing minecraft jars which is against the TOS.
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    I think its ok, as long as your not sharing a working version of MC.
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    @Celeixen But it does indeed contain exactly that if I understand correctly.
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    Not really, the jar is just a small part. It is missing many different required files to run. Although i think when launched it can download them.
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    Quoted from minecraft.net. I would still be cautious, even distributing only a partial client. Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to be a killjoy/troll. I just don't want anyone getting in trouble with either the staff or mojang.
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    Yea fair enough but almost all of the client mods would be affected by this.

    Btw i dont think you should update this every version because Flippits version changer has like every version already, i suggest you check it out.

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    norton prevents the downloading of this file...says threat found attached
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    ROFL @ YOU


    Not everything in this would is a virus, if you ever develop applications you will realize, even just not having your apps sign will make norton go nuts.
  21. Binary diff patching is allowed AFIK but not distributing jars. Sorry :(

    EDIT: If i'm wrong, please place link back in, looking at the other thread you provided.
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    LOL at me? then what was the hidden attach file Norton found that ID as a trojan you know your file could be safe but you are using a fishy hosting site. sorry if you find it funny that i use norton at least i keep my virus subscription up to date and i also run two other ones that dont conflict with norton

    and norton can rate sites...media fire doesnt have the best rating
    read the reviews
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    One of my players said he couldn't download it because Norton said it "wasn't downloaded enough times".

    The AutoIt (the script language I used to make this) devs had to appeal virus claims to Norton several times in the past because of script kiddies using it to make viruses. The compiled EXE always has the same header so anything legit gets detected. This doesn't happen anymore thankfully, but it used to be a pain. :mad:

    @fernferret: Diff patch... now that's a good idea! Sorry about that, bro. :D

    [edit] How do I get blue link usernames? Like when people say @<username>? [/edit]
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    me = no protection except for the windows firewall, if you know what your doing you don't need it. Not that i am saying you should delete it, if you like the reassurance that your safe that's great. But i find that many Anti-Virus software's have big impacts on what i want to do, Norton use to auto delete files sometimes which was F*cking gay! Also your system takes great performance losses during scans and even when its just in idle.

    You seem like the type of guy that likes to stay safe, but really you don't know what mediafire is? It is one of the most highly used file hosting sites. There are other ways to stay safe btw such as sandboxing applications or running a VM that your willing to sacrifice.

    Not all of the internet is bad :p
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    Norton is way too intrusive and resource demanding. I ran without A/V for a whole 2 years (I thought I could use that to impress girls online but it didn't work) and then I got AVG. You know, safety first. And it's free. A year later they stopped providing the free version and I switched to Avast, and I'm still using this one. Nothing at all like Norton... Norton scans a file every time you open it, doesn't let you open certain things without telling it that it's safe like in ten different ways, and it slows down the machine like crazy. :mad:
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    Damn, girls aren't impressed by that, i thought i was on to something >.<
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    if this come's bundled with 1.7 and 1.8 (which you said in your post) that makes this tool illegal. FYI
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