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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by 68x, Apr 21, 2011.

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    Are you frustrated of waiting for the latest release of CB? Did you accidentally update to the latest Minecraft update without a backup? Then MC Downgrade is for you! It is tool which is based on MCNostaglia, it uses binary differences. This does not download the .jar in any way. The source code will be put up shortly ...

    Alright, I spent about couple hours on this program. There a lot of bugs in it so please let me know.

    System Requirements:

    .Net 3.5 (or higher)
    Python 2.7 (Install included)
    Minecraft (untouched!)
    Internet Access
    XP/Vista/Windows 7


    • Easy Download and Install of Python
    • Easy download of patches
    • Simple Patch/Unpatch
    • Backups


    Version 0.8
    - More bugfixes
    Version 0.7
    - Fixes the backup bug for XP
    Version 0.6
    - Better XP support
    Version 0.5
    - Windows XP support added
    - Bug fix
    Version 0.4
    - Added automatic versions (automatically gets the minecraft version list)
    - Icons for the GUI
    Version 0.3
    - More bug fixes
     Version 0.2
     - Easier to use
     - Fixed bugs
     Version 0.1
     - Initial release

    This tool is heavily based on MCNostalgia by CyborgDragon.

    Servers cost money to run, please click the donate button to help offset the costs :).

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    Everything has been radically changed. Support for alpha/infdev versions of minecraft is coming.
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    This. Sounds. illegal >.>
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    Yeah, totally legal since it uses Binary differences and all. But, I still don't see why I would use it. I mean, MC Nostalgia does the same thing right?
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    Some people can't install or use Python. MCD just makes it easier to downgrade with mouse clicks.
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    "You don't have permission to access /MCD/MCD.zip on this server."
    What do?
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    Should be fixed; sorry for the very late reply.
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    say.. Someone is banned from minecraft forums.. And he/she wants this download.. Could you post a download link here?
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