Inactive [TOOL] MeasuringTape v0.9c - Easy measuring [1.2]

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    MeasuringTape - Easy measuring
    Version: 0.9c - Works with 1.2

    MeasuringTape is a tool, that makes you able to simply figure out a distance, an area or even a track. MT uses a string to mark the positions. I once thought it would be just practically to measure how far my cannon shoot, but by now are there a few other purposes, like metering a base area and so on. The track mode can be used to measure the road between two cities. Roadsigns with the exact remaining distance in m look very nice.
    String attaching is deactivatable to avoid conflicts with other plugins also using a string to mark blocks, e.g. WorldEdit.
    MT can use the Permission Plugin but is not depending on it. If Permissions is deaktivated in config or doesn't run at the server MT will use some default right managemant: Measuring ant "/mt tape" are available for all and "/mt tp" only for ops.

    • Easy measuring with different modes:
    • Direct distance, vectors, area, volume, blocks and even track
    • Figure out the level of an area where you have fewest blocks to break/place to flatten it
    Download, Config and Details:


    • MeasuringTape v0.9b (Nov. 07, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with CB #1337)
      • Fixed breaking blocks in creative mode
    • MeasuringTape v0.9 (Jul. 29, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit (tested with CB #1000)
      • Added /mt level
      • Added bukkit permissions
    • MeasuringTape v0.8d (Jun. 02, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit and opional Permissions (tested with CB #818 and Permissions 2.x)
      • Cleanup, MT is smaller now :D
    • MeasuringTape v0.8c (Apr. 08, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit and opional Permissions (tested with CB #670 and Permissions 2.5.5
      • Fix for recent bukkit changes.
    • MeasuringTape v0.8b (Mar. 30, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit and opional Permissions (tested with CB #602 and Permissions 2.5.5, doesn't work below bukkit #600)
      • Fix for recent bukkit changes.
      • Added support for right click in useTargetBlock mode
      • Minor performance improvements
    • MeasuringTape v0.8 (Mar. 07, 2011)
      Requires CraftBukkit and opional Permissions (tested with CB #493 and Permissions 2.5)
      • Added target block
      • Added "useTargetBlock" config
      • Improved auto config creation
      • Minor code cleanup

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    Released v0.9
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    That was fast, thanks alot!

    Also, what exactly does /mt level do?

    Edit: Nevermind, I found the description in /mt help.
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    What if the string is already in use like ower server use string in the plugin Region ?? would it still work ?
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    Yes, but you will get two messages, so you better set another tool worldguard.
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    Is this still being developed?
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    I am not sure, but I do believe the word vector is used incorrectly. Vector has direction and force. I reckon you only have direction.
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    I know a vector as an element of a set of vectors which can be added to get the actual value, in this case the x, y and z vectors of a line in a three dimensional coordinate system.
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    Okay, I'm sorry, just got in way over my head. Only just started a physics class.
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    Still loving this plugin! But there's a small problem with 1.8.1; if you're in classic mode, left-clicking with string will destroy the block you're setting position 1 to, if you're close enough :0 Any chance of a fix?
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    Let me check that

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    Can you make a video for it. Thanks
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    Any chance for a 1.2.2 update?
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    Thanks its a great plugin good job :D !
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    How to open a thread? Please someone answer :)

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