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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by HotelErotica, Nov 19, 2011.

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    This is basically a simple ramdisk management script written in bash that i have created for my personal use that I'm putting out to share with other people, I'll plan to update it as needed and if anyone needs a feature out of it feel free to ask!

    • Start/Stop/Restart Server
    • Transfer server files automatically to ramdisk
    • Sync ramdisk and physical drive automatically via cron
    • Configurable server backups via manual trigger or cron
    • Uses loops instead of set wait times providing faster more efficient file management
    • Highly Configurable
    • Tutorial for setting up a ramdisk
    • More detailed forum post

    (wget friendly)​

    Change Log
    • Initial Release
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    Looks really good!
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    This looks amazing!

    Does it put the whole Minecraft folder into the RAMdisk?
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    How do I open this? I have Windows Vista.

    jkjk. Nice job! I used to have something similar before my worlds got too big for RAM. :D
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    It works perfectly fine for me, except, it acts a bit weird.

    When I run the script from root using the start command, it doesn't say anything about prepping, ever.
    But if I do it from the minecraft user, it does the prepping stuff. But says the commands couldn't be executed, due to it being wrong operator.

    And besides that, if I run it from root it says "Minecraft_server starting.. Failed!", but the server runs just fine and everything. I check it by using the status command.

    PS: I use Debian.

    Nevermind, I made my own.
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    I so wasn't getting alerts for posts here! My bad!
  7. When I stop the server via does script does it make sure to save everything to physical disk in case I reboot my root server?
    I had a RAM disk script before and it somehow deleted all my physical files and ram disk files while trying to sync...
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    If the script is in your servers init and the machine is shutdown properly it'll save, however if you have a power failure or something of that nature you'll loose whatever was in the ram from the last disk save.
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    link does work
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    The link does not work, because this thread is very old. Most likely it does not exist anymore.
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