[TOOL]CraftSave Reborn v0.1 AutoBackup With Timed Autosave

Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by chernobyl360, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Hi, Craftsave Still Works. Its Real picky about its choice in zipping software. I have Found This Program Works Best With Winzip. Winrar also works but you may experience an error from time to time.

    With Reactivating This Tool I dont want any Fame. im only doing this for a friend *Malface*. Please Give all Credit to Mike *Malface*.

    Im am Rereleasing this Tool Becuase i was the Partial Dev and Partial Tester. I know this Program inside and out just as much as Malface. I will Keep this program Maintained and updated till Malface Does Return From His Python Programming adventure. Once he is back i will become a tester for him.

    If you do Know AutoIT Please leave a message! It wont hurt to have a little help :D!

    Current Uploaded CraftSave Reborn DOES work! It just wont show any Ingame Messages!

    To Use:

    Only Works With Dedicated Servers Meaning At Home Servers, I may Be Wrong But i wouldnt try on a payed Server! It May Crash/ Corrupt EveryThing! I will Try this on my server. Lets Hope Brohosters will mind...

    Create A Folder on your Desktop With The Name *Server* or What Ever you please.
    After you Put your CraftBukkit.jar and a Start.bat in the folder, and start the server wait for the bans,ops, etc files to show up. after its done restart again and wait. when its done this time go and place your Craftsave Reborn x32 or x64 bit file in the SERVER file. NOT in the Plugins folder or any where elese JUST THE SERVER FOLDER! Now Start Up Craftsave.it will say you dont have a Craftsave.ini
    Wait for the File To Show Up In the SERVER Folder and when craftsave quits open up the .ini File.

    You Will See This:

    Window Name=
    Backup Folder=C:\Users\William\Desktop\Server\
    Save Time=120
    Days To Keep Backups=2
    Path To World Folder=C:\Users\William\Desktop\Server\
    Saveall Time=0
    ;Window Name is the name of the window your server runs in
    ;Prefix is the beginning of your save file name
    ;Worlds is the list of world folders to backup separated by comma
    ;Backup Folder is where your backups are stored, please use the full path
    ;Change Broadcast to No to disable broadcasting saves to the server.
    ;Save Time is the amount of time in minutes between automatic saves. Set to 0 to permanently disable autosaves.
    ;Days To Keep Backups is the number of days before a backup gets deleted. (1-30) Set to 0 to disable deletion.
    ;Path To World Folder is the full path of the folder your world folders are in, leave blank unless you are having issues.
    ;Saveall Time is the time in minutes between sending save-all to the server, 0 turns this feature off (default)
    Where it shows the Worlds=World,Nether make sure you only have Worlds in that location if you are NOT Using A Nether Remove Nether from Worlds=World,Nether.


    Where it shows Window Name= Keep It EMPTY Craftsave is Designed to autodetect your cmd.exe

    Now Restart CraftSave Reborn! it will ask you to put in the file location of the WORLDS folder.



    • Fix Ingame Messages Not Showing Up
    • Try and Fix Freezing Issue
    • Try And Get Craftsave to Work With other Zipping Programs.
      winrar- Works But Issues
      WinZip- Works Perfectly
      7-Zip- Unknown
      Stuffit Deluxe- Unknown

      These Programs Listed Are The Top Used File Compression Programs on Cnet. If You use something other then this let me know!!
    Download Is at Bottom:
    CraftSave Reborn 64 Bit with Readme
    CraftSave Reborn 32 Bit with Readme

    Quote From Malface's Page:

    1 download! nice. So How did it work? dont download and not leave feedback.

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    this is awesome
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    Hi, thanks for using this! if you do by any chance recieve an error *line 845 ended with a "With" Statement* let me know!

    this either means you set your backup time to short or some type of zipping error.
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    Nope, everything has been extremely fine so far. I was giving it a test for last night and it ran fine at the default 2hrs/backup

    Actually... I got an error:
    AutoIt Error
    Line 845 (File "C:\Users\Shoot\Desktop\KCraft Bukki\Craftsave64.exe"):

    Error: Object referenced outside a "With" statement.

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    did it mess anything up? i hope not. ill look into this...

    ok so far trying to recompile the au3 only gives me an error on line 4332. which isnt possible. so i had to remove a couple things. which got it to run. but now it wont even try and backup. ill keep working on it.

    WOW. i just realized whats going on. the source here is NOT the current running ones i.e the x64 and x32. this source is for a new version that ive never seen. great.....

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