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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by antony96, Sep 18, 2011.

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    Hi all!
    Today I'm here to present you the previously called CraftBukkit Build Updater/Downloader, now called CraftBukkit MultiTool Updater, that helps you in downloading Recommended builds but especially Dev Builds of CraftBukkit and Bukkit. You only need to place this application in your CraftBukkit's folder and launch it, enter the Build Number List tab and choose the number of the build you want, write that number in the TextBox and then hit Download and wait for the server file to be downloaded and automatically updated.
    *This app doesn't make a backup of your current build file!*
    Now you are done! Just 4 steps to do!

    App Explanation: *Sorry, outdated paragraph*
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    -Download: Downloads the build number written in the TextBox
    -Abort: Stops the download if the program is downloading (If you stop the download you will lose also the current server build file, because no backup is made)
    -Browse: Opens an Explorer window in the application's path
    -File Size: The size in MBytes of the file in download
    -Received: The size in MBytes of the received bytes of the file

    Screens: *Sorry, outdated pics*
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    -Added Bukkit Developers API download support
    -Improved layout to hold Bukkit API download support

    -Added automatic download for the latest Recommended CraftBukkit Build
    -Added a new button to redirect the user to the official Bukkit Jenkins changelog/page
    -Improved downloading by moving to VB function statements
    -Added App Update Button (disabled, planned to get working by v2.3... EDIT: ...by 2.4)

    v2.1 (First release after private builds)
    -No bugs until here :D (Report if you see any)

    -Add Backup feature to help downgrading the server (maybe...)
    -Application Version Check (to auto-update this software)
    -[Minor] Latest build you downloaded with this app shown in the TextBox
    Feel free to contact me and suggest features to add to my app, you'll see your features (if approved) in the next version!

    Known Bugs:
    -App freezes when you try to download a file for two times after you aborted the first file download attempt. (Don't know how to resolve D:)

    Bug Report:
    Please report bugs in this thread or by sending an email to antonio.ceccato(AT)hotmail.it

    You can download the actual 2.3 version from SourceForge:
    -Download 2.3
    You can also download previous versions always from SourceForge:
    -Download 2.2
    -Download 2.1

    Hope it helps!
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    This is usefull for some people,i prefer going to jenkins,to see the changelog and stuff!
    But still, good work!
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    What about Bukkit? =D
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    @Lolmewn Why Bukkit? CraftBukkit has in it everything to get a server to work like HomeBukkit, ScrapBukkit, ChatBukkit etc. But asd i can't understand why there are all these projects altought they are already incorporated in CraftBukkit...
    @sddddgjd Good, I think I'll add a link to see the changelog of the build version...

    P.S.: Does anyone know how to edit the thread's title? xD
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    Bukkit for Plugin Dev's, is nice for me. ;)
    edit thread title by clicking "thread options" or something, in the right-upper corner of the first post.
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    Uhm... Lemme see... Uhm... Can you teach me what is the Bukkit you are talking about? I could add it to my app...
    ATM I'm updating to remove things from the ToDo list :D

    P.S.: Thanks for the help with the thread!
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    You go to the thread name(in the thread list),and there's a small edit button is the lower-right...
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    Ok, got it... Did you notice that the new version has got the changelog/info button?
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    Nice! :)
    I'll check now! :D

    Working perfectly,nice work! :D
    Would be cool if you added bukkit!
    Bukkit is the API for developers,we all use it to compile our plugins!
    You can find it's jenkins page here!

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    Oh God! I'll add it today because I'm going to make the new 2.3 version...
    I'll add same things as CraftBukkit features for Bukkit (download, latest build, build list) but I think I will have to modify the app's layout to make everything fit in perfectly...
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