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Discussion in 'Bukkit Tools' started by bingogaming, May 25, 2012.

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    Support both Anvil and MCR world format!


    1. Download the MT.jar file above.
    2. Extract the MT folder anywhere.
    3. Move your world into the MT folder, and rename the world 'world'.
    4. Double click start, and let it do the rest!

    How It Works-------
    The program works on a chunk deletion process, using a block whitelist to determine what goes, and what stays.
    The program isn't always 100% perfect, and may delete chunks that have been used, but haven't had any whitelisted blocks placed down.

    20 - Glass
    26 - Bed
    29 - Sticky Piston
    33 - Piston
    35 - Wool
    55 - Redstone Wire
    58 - Crafting Table
    64 - Door
    89 - Glowstone Block
    98 - Stone Bricks


    1. Always backup your map before any modification.
    2. MCMap tool can render map into image.
    3. WorldEdit plugin can recover old chunks from backup in game.
    4. WorldEdit plugin can discard old chunks and regenerate new chunks in game.

    Before & After-------

    Before. 3GB in size.

    After. 1GB in size.

    Hope this helps! Although I'm not responsible for any world corruption/lost!

    Leave feedback please :)

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    Hello :) is this a sequel to MapAutoTrim?
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    It's pretty much it, although it is a lot more noob friendly. You just install it, and instead of creating a .bat file, you just run the one that is compiled with it.
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    Nice :) Would you allow SpaceBukkit to integrate this?
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    Yea, why not. Give credit though :)
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    Sure thing, thanks!
  7. Just saying right now your going to get hit for using a link for the source code. isn't allowed on these forums
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    TnT links removed.
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    TnT Can you at least download the file and then upload it to your website so we can get the link or wouldn't you allow that?
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    OPJewelz No, I'm not going through the hell that is for this person. He can link to a proper download if he wishes.
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