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    Please help. I was using the World Edit plugin on my server when I accidentally spawned 200,000 saplings. My server lagged out and now whenever I try to connect to it, it stays at the "Logging In..." screen.

    Is there a way to eliminate all saplings from the game so I can fix it? I cant log on, but can I do something via the server command prompt? I dont want to start over. I have built too much to start my server over.
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    remove the your player file for me xdomination0x.dat in Map-players-urdat

    or you can do /clearinventory youruser im not sure if that command works

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    Stop your server, open the map with MCEdit and remove the saplings that are in your map, save the changes and restart your server.
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    Doesn't restarting get rid of any items on the floor anyways? D:

    Restart the server and try again :3
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    May be possible, don't know really... never tried it xD I am pretty sure (though not 100%) that I saw items lying around when I used MCEdit to fix my map, and I stopped the server (of course) for that...
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    Hm. Maybe Notch changed it :3 if not he can install Worldedit/guard, delete his .dat file and go //remove items 1000 :)
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