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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by anakhon, Jan 19, 2012.

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    Hello there !

    I've got a new question.

    In order to have some server security, I started to set my iptable.

    So I added the minecraft port in/out on UDP and TCP, then I set the iptable default policy to drop.

    The result : I'm able to see/ping my server, to see how much player are connected, but as soon as I try to connect, i get a "too long to connect" followed by a "ping timeout java error" with a message telling that the server was unable to verify the identity of the player.

    So I'm wondering if there is another port to open, in order to allow the server, not to allow the player to connect, but to be able to connect to (or any server) to check and verify the player identity...

    I hope I was clear enough..

    Thanks for (future) help !


    PS: FYI, if I remove the default policy set to DROP, I can connect to my server, without any trouble.
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    Is this what you mean, this is in the server properties file
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    hm, then I probably set something wrong in my IPTABLE...

    I'll take a look, thx !

    Looks like query.port=25565 is for GameSpy4 protocol server listener (according to bukkit wiki).

    The port I meant, is the one used by the server, to identify the user who connect to the server (to verify if it is a valid minecraft account)

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    This is your problem.
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    More precisely ? It's not a good method ?
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    Drop is equal to deny. If you want to be able to connect, you need to use accept. Unless you're using iptables as a whitelist, but that isn't really needed as bukkit has one in it.
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