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    Minecraft version : 1.8.8
    Suggested name : Tokens
    What I want:
    [data] players with their unlocked stuff and tokens in config files
    all prices in config
    if the item is selected it shows that on item description or the item price in not bought

    in chat

    -§d[Tokens] §cDont spam this command!
    -boost can be active by admin x2

    - After killing another player
    §d[Tokens] §aYou received §d5 tokens §afor killing a player ,Now you have §d%tokens% Tokens.

    - Playing rewords - each 15 mins -
    §d[Tokens]§6 +%amount%.
    §d[Tokens]§6 +%amount%. x2 boosted by an admin.

    -§aYou purchased the %name% kill effect!
    -§aYou purchased the %name% arrow trail!
    -§cYou dont have enough tokens!
    -§c all projectile have been removed.
    -§c all kill effect has been removed.
    -§e killeffectname is already selected.
    -§e projectilename is already selected.
    -§e woodtexturename is already selected.
    -§c Your dont have permission.

    can buy and open shop gui only in Hub.
    -simple gui check pic

    head to open kill effects menu
    arrow to open arrow trails menu

    slime ball to close gui

    Arrow trails.
    -spawner flame
    -fire work spark
    -furnace smoke
    -angry villager
    -heart and smoke
    -firework particles
    -leather armor thrown

    kill effect. (all of the effects disappear after 1 sec)
    -Lighting no damage
    -gold blocks and ingots
    -emerald + emerald blocks
    -diamonds + diamond blocks
    -body lying on floor
    -goodbye! - armor stand with GoodBye! tag
    -Redstone - like blood with breaking Redstone
    -angry villager
    -dye colors
    -leather armor thrown
    Wood texture changer
    what this do if they have (Oak Wood Plank) in their inventory or they picked it up
    Oak Wood Plank change to what they select from the token shop
    for example
    player picked up 16 Oak Wood Plank and he has Spruce Wood Plank selected
    all 16 Oak Wood Plank change to 16 Spruce Wood Plank
    type of wood
    1.Spruce Wood - u can buy it by tokens
    2.Birch Wood - u can buy it by tokens
    3.Jungle Wood - u can buy it by tokens
    4.Acacia Wood - u can buy it by tokens
    5.Oak Wood - u can have it by permission
    6.Spruce Wood - u can have it by permission
    7.Birch Wood - u can have it by permission
    8.Jungle Wood - u can have it by permission

    Ideas for commands:
    /tokens boost - to double the amount for 30 minutes
    /tokens reload - to reload config
    /tokens shop - to open shop
    /tokens give player amount
    /tokens remove player amount

    Ideas for permissions :
    tokens.unlock to unlock everything - to use /tokens shop + the ability to purchase
    tokens.oak .wood
    tokens.spruce .wood
    tokens.birch .wood
    tokens.jungle .wood

    I'd like it by this month

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    I don't need all effects or arrow trails just some of them (easy ones to make 5 each)

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