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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by MongKong, Oct 11, 2015.

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    help when people on my server are trying to place tnt it says youre not permitted to use tnt here please help!!!
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    @MongKong one of your permission/anti grief plugins is restricting them from placing tnt, what plugins are you using?
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    -antispam , archoncrates , authme , buycraft , coloredsigns , combat log combattag, essentials , factions , galistener , obsidianbraker, group manager, healthbar , holographic displays , votifier, mssivecore, mcmmo , mcore , messagefilter, nocheatplus, noflyzone, noswear, playervaults , protocolib, signedit , signshop , silkspawners , timeismoney ,, trading , vault, whatisit , worldborder , worldedit , worldguard
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    "you are not permitted"im guessing is in grey which is a default world guard msg
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    @Scorpionvssub thank you i figured it out :)

    actually i didnt, i forgot to say its not in grey its in red color i dont know how to do it :( i think its not with worldguard but if it is please help!!

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    @MongKong Don't double post. Use the edit button!

    Is the message like Hey! You can't use that?
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    oh sr...
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    What u can do which is adviced is turn plugins such as factions off which are related to land claims and such, then check if it stillpersists that way you know which plugin does it and where the msg originates from
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