Tnt Wizards Plugin [Dev Needed]

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    Hi! Im looking for someone to help me with a Arena plugin.
    It is a arena plugin where you choose a class and then tries to capture a flag in the middle, Its pretty hard to explain here, but you get a hoe with different abilities depending on what class you chooses, for example 1 class spawns ice spheres where you right click. I can give you further details in skype.

    If anyone can help me with this add me on Skype: miner.hugo
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    [READ ME FIRST] Plugin Requests Guide
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    Mmmm.... like Hypixel servers?
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    I'm curious about this too, is there something like Tnt Wizards on bukkit?
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    Why copying games when you can be creative. Please be creative and invent awesome new games. Many coders don't like coding games which already exist, but they like games who don't exist!
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    Your creativity is very impressive...
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    I know how to develop plugins so I might be able to help you! :)

    - Romejanic

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