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    Hey guys, can any of you make the tntwar plugin . Video is below.

    If you can then I will mention all the details below


    in this Minigame there are two teams. Each team is alotted an island which is seperated by a brick wall. The objective is to wipe out the other team with tnt cannons, etc. each team has 4 large chests which have water,pistons, TNT, red stone, lever, button, gold armor, stone, slabs and much more.

    /TNT join
    /TNT leave
    /TNT reload

    I want the maps and the chests to reload themselves after each game. The video is below.

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    I've already told you, this is a dupe. Bump the old thread.

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    I would look around on the internet.. There might be something like this already out there.
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    All he's probably able to find is his duplicate reposts.
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    This sounds great but how about lagg???
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    AndyMcB1 I have dumped the old one.
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    He means that you shouldn't double post threads. Just keep bumping the other thread, as long as it isn't within 24 hours
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    Locked. This is already the third duplicate of this plugin request.
    Stop duplicating this thread, you already have a plugin request thread, spamming the forums will only get your threads locked.
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