TnT not acting correctly CraftBukkit #132

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Da_Penguin, Jan 23, 2011.

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    Running CraftBukkit #132 on a server with some friends, tnt doesn't appear to interact properly with other tnt blocks, which makes building a cannon impossible.

    CraftBukkit cannon: tnt placed next to each other and set off in sequence does not cause tnt to be projected

    Vanilla cannon: tnt placed next to each other and set off in sequence will fling tnt away from the initial explosion site.

    Not running any addons or anything, craftbukkit is launched with

    "%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Java\jre6\bin\java.exe" -Xms1024M -Xmx1024M -jar craftbukkit.jar

    any ideas? anything else i need to add, new to this stuff


    EDIT: Appears I'm not the only one with the issue,

    is the same
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    Tested and you are right. If you prime two TNTs (not on the same time) the first explosion does not move the second TNT.

    I'll post a bugreport on that.

    Edit: It was already there as a bug 284
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    Was trying to make some "TNT cannons" on my server and noticed this the other day. Found this post, and figured I could contribute just a bit. The issue starts occuring in build 90, based on going back and testing all versions, the changes listed from 89 to 90 include:
    So I guess it sort of makes sense. Not to be impatient or anything, but hopefully its a simple fix that can be applied soon, love the mod so far.
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    Can someone clarify that this is still happening on later builds?
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    I placed and activated one TNT, it acted normal.

    Placed two TNT, activated one: the first went off and triggered the other, which also went off after falling straight down.

    I placed three TNT, activated two, and the earliest-activated TNT went off successfully. The other two fell straight down into a flow of water and seemed to disappear, but I suppose they probably went off and the effects weren't visible due to water's damping effect on TNT detonations.

    I am using whatever the very newest build is, the one with the comment "Dinnerbone - you don't override for interfaces!"

    EDIT: Note that in all cases I have the TNT falling straight down after a close-by TNT explosion.
    EDIT2: I disabled all my plugins - I'm not running any world protecting or explosion nerfing plugins, but I disabled them anyway, to verify that the results are identical.

    An odd graphical glitch: When the TNT box is first activated, the TNT flashes white and also bounces, which I think is normal, when it's about to go off - but it starts bouncing through the block it's supposed to be sitting on, almost entirely vanishing through it before bouncing back up. IIRC - I don't play much vanilla or SP - TNT is supposed to bounce atop the block it's sitting on, rather than falling through it and bouncing atop the block blow that.

    Doesn't really look right; probably just cosmetic, but might help you troubleshoot?
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    If memory serves, that happens in the regular minecraft too, just how the client handles movement by assuming where it will be based on current speeds
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    I just want to point out that I always act correctly. Correctly being a subjective term. ;)
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    I came in here to say something along these lines.. you beat me to it... <shakes fist>
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    i noticed the bug is showing resolved, but I'm still having this happen on version 531.. Trying to build a TNT cannon, but it just explodes (is it because its multiplayer and lag?)
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    TnT you have been given an infraction for spamming :D

    OT: hmm i think the bug that tnt has not moved other tnts should be solved. Isn't this something else? Can you reproduce on regular minecraft_server.jar?
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