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    Hello Bukkit Developers!
    i wonder if u would make a plugin for me! <3
    I don't know if there a plugin like this but i didn't found a good one :/
    Sry about my bad english! i hope u can understand!

    Plugin Name: TitlesGUI

    What this plugin is supposed to do:
    • Example: [[FACTION]] [PRO] [Owner] Invenstory :

    • i won't this plugin to change my essentials chat config if its easy!

    • i want this plugin to opens a GUI that has List of server Titles (Like the Screen i Sent!)

    • Every time that a player use a title it makes a sound but i don't know the name of the sound its a familiar sound :/ i think something like NOTE...nevermind

    • You can add title from the config too

    • Allow to change the Slot

    • LOCKED TITLE BLOCK: Red Stained Glass Pane

    • UNLOCKED TITLE BLOCK: Green Stained Glass Pane

    • REMOVE TITLE BLOCK: RedstoneBlock
    • /titles - Opens the Titles list in a GUI - titlesgui.use - titlesgui.title.[name]/*

    • /title create [name] [prefix] - Adds a title on the GUI - titlesgui.admin
    Example: /title create Pro [Pro]
    • /title remove [name] - Removes a title on the GUI - titlesgui.admin
    Example: /title remove Pro
    • /title reload - Reload the config - titlesgui.admin
    Config Idea:

    Prefix: '&6&lTITLES &8> &7'

    RemoveTitleBlock: Redstone

    Reload: '&7Reloaded Config'

    CreateTitle: '&aTitle created!'

    RemoveTitle: '&cTitle removed!'


    name: 'Pro'
    Prefix: '&4Pro'
    Slot: 11
    Permission: titlesgui.title.pro

    Good Luck! i hope u make work for it <3 take your time and make it cool!! (please if i have something wrong wrote can u fix it?)

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    no one?
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    @Invenstory I didn't understand what exactly you want here, could you explain a little more?
    Current guess:
    A GUI where you can equip/unequip prefixes or something like that.
    EDIT: Asking because i might attempt this, can't promise anything tho.
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    im sry about this im bad at english....
    as u said a gui that equip/unequip second prefix like [ImPro][Owner]Invenstory: like tags but with prefixs
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