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    Plugin category: Chat
    Suggested name: WitherTitles

    What I want:
    I'd like a plugin where basically you can type /title <title> and it will check if you have the permission withertitles.<title> and if you do then before your name it will say: &8[<title>]

    I would like this plugin to use PermissionsEx names aswell so for example if your name was:
    [Pineapple] Jerry [Cool-Guy] it would make your name [<title>] [Pineapple] Jerry [Cool-Guy].

    People should also be able to change their title color after creation of the title with: /titlecolor which would ask them to choose a number (0 - 9) or a letter (a - f) which would decide the color of their title.

    They should also be able to change their title so just say the Jerry had the permissions:
    withertitles.rock and withertitles.stick
    He should be able to say /title rock which would give him the [Rock] title and after that he could be able to do /title rock which would remove the [Rock] title and instead give him the [Stick] title.

    Ideas for commands:
    /title <title> - Sets your title.
    /titlecolor <0-f> - Sets your title color.

    Ideas for permissions:
    withertitles.<title> - Allows them to do /title <title>
    withertitles.color - Allows them to use /titlecolor
    withertitles.admin - Allows them to do /title <anything_they_like>

    When I'd like it by: As soon as possible.

    Sorry if I asked for a lot.
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    @feff890 Try DeluxeTags of extended_clip on Spigot site.
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