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    For some unknown reason all my plugin requests have been removed possibly due to a bug in the system or something ill assume but hopefully this one gets through

    Plugin category: Roleplay

    Minecraft version:1.8

    Suggested name:TitanShift

    What I want: I would like a plugin that turns a player into a titan/Giant from The anime attack on titan. When the player does the command /shift a lightning bolt will strike the players location and it will summon a controllable giant named titan shifter. the player is then put inside the giant and can freely controll it.

    Also whilst inside the giant the player has regeneration and resistance so they can heal whilst inside the giant like in the show.

    When the player does the command /Humanize the giant giant will despawn and the players regeneration and resistance buffs will be taken away. The player will then need to wait 5 minutes to turn into a titan again

    This is not a necessary part but it would be nice to have:

    When the player turns into the titan the first 3 slots in their hotbar will be replaced with zombie heads that each correspond to an ability that the giant can use

    Slot 1: Super Jump:

    When right clicked it will send the giant 50 blocks in the air

    Slot 2: Rush: When right clicked makes the giant 3 times faster for 10 seconds

    Slot 3: Stomp: when right clicked Creates an explosion around the giants feet damaging blocks and people around it

    Ideas for commands:


    Spawns a lightning bolt at the players location and spawns a giant that the player is put inside and the giant can be controlled with wasd and spacebar and gives the player regeneration and resistance


    Despawns the giant and gets rid of the regeneration and resistance buff

    Ideas for permissions:Titan.Shifter

    Lets the player do the commands




    When I'd like it by:as soon as you can make it

    Please i love attack on titan and my birthday is coming up soon and i would love this to have on my server so my players can enjoy
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  2. @thegamesrgud154 Ok, I think I understand this request but if there is stuff that hasn't got much detail because you are relying on us watching some show you will really need to add it. We won't just watch a show to know what a request is talking about. Either way, this request is quote large so it may take a while for this to actually be filled.
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    If i were to give more information would you be willing to make this plugin for me?
  4. @thegamesrgud154 Not me personally but others will be more willing since they know what they are actually making.
  5. @thegamesrgud154
    This sounds like an interesting project, I'll have a stab at it. Few questions though:
    • Just to confirm, when the player types /shift, you want him to become a Giant as in the minecraft mob Giant?
    • When the player is in "Giant mode", you want him to have resistance and regeneration. Do you mind if I just change it so the player can't take any damage at all. Also, should hunger be drained when in "Giant mode"?
    • These abilities you're talking about (super jump, rush, stomp), should they only affect the Giant, or should the player also be affected?
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    1: when the player types /shift they will become a giant as in the minecraft mob yes

    2: actually that would probably be better having the player invunerable but can you make it so the giant has a set ammount of health and when the giant dies the player turns back into a human and they are vunerable again because in my server i will have players with swords that are made to kill the titans/giants so the giant should have a set health of 50 or something but regenerates

    3: the abilities i mentioned should only affect the giant

    The plugin i would like made is like this one here

    And also before you send me the link in the description to download this i have downloaded it and the titan shifting part is not in that plugin version because he removed that part
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    ehh if you can get the player who transforms to sit in the neck of the giant like this video that would be good

    i dont know if idisguise actually does that im not sure

    but if you can get the player to sit inside the neck of the giant like they are riding it can you also give the player speed to make their fov bigger so they can see more from the back of the giants head

    also can you add another ability item that goes in the 4th slot that is called hardened punch that makes an explosion at the hands of the giant and make diamonds fly everywhere from the giants hands.

    also can you make a 15 second cool down for these 4 abilities

    also can you make it so the abilities with an explosion in them like stomp and hardened punch hurt entities but dont destroy the world
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  8. @thegamesrgud154
    Should be doable. I'll have to investigate exactly how iDisguise works to see what I can do.
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    ok thank you so much
  10. @thegamesrgud154
    Okay, so turns out that iDisguise actually doesn't show the disguise to yourself, and there are no other up-to-date disguise plugins I can use, I am going to have to write my own manual disguise implementation, which might take quite a while longer than I originally anticipated. Sorry for the inconvenience!
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    will you still be able to make this plugin for me?
    and if so will you be able to make it by november the 26th?
    thats my birthday :) and it would be a nice suprise gift to have
  12. @thegamesrgud154
    I will make the plugin, yes. The task has just gotten a bit more difficult because I need to manually write a way to disguise the player as a Giant. I should be able to finish it before november 26th, yes.
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    so when you say disguise will you be able to have the player ride in the neck of the giant?
    also will you be able to make the giant have 100 hearts and regen 2?
    and for the player to be set back to a human and the abilities to go away from their hotbar the player needs to do the command /humanize or when the giant dies is that possible?
  14. @thegamesrgud154
    We'll see if the first thing can be reliably done, but 2 and 3 are defiantly possible.
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    the mount spot for the giants is in the neck anyway so if you can make the plugin spawn some kind of rideable giant the player should be in the neck of it anyway
  16. @thegamesrgud154
    Yeah, I've already figured that out. I'm currently working on making the Giant respond to the players movements.
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    excellent thank you so much

    can you also have the name of the giant &4[Titan Shifter]

    If you can do that it would be great but you dont have to if its troubble its not really neccesary

    also can you make the stomp and punch explosions do 30 hearts damage

    and can you make the ability cooldowns as shown
    Stomp: 5 seconds
    Hardened Punch: 5 seconds
    Rush: 15 seconds
    Super jump: 10 seconds
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    can you send some screenshots of the progress plz?
    i would love to see how this plugin is coming together :)
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    Do you happen to have the source on GitHub? I'd love to check it out :D

    Also I might be able to help you some if you want. I currently don't have too many plugin requests for Perceive.

    Although I do have one, I should probably get to that.... but anyways, I'd be glad to help :p
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    I Al Istannen

    Tagging ;)

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    EDIT: How did I get ninjad on such a thread...
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    Sorry i did not know how to tahg people

    so how is the plugin going so far?

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    Dude are you there?
  24. @thegamesrgud154
    Incredibly sorry for not responding to you, I've been busy with a few exams the last few days.

    As it stands currenty with the plugin, the Giant refuses to change rotations to the positions I set, which is necessary for control over the Giant. Since I can't figure out this issue on my own, I'll be posting a thread in Plugin Development to see if anybody on these forums can help me with it.

    Incredibly sorry for the inconvenience!
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    I see well sorry for bothering you during your exams and i hope you do good on your final score. its a shame the plugin isnt working but thank you for trying anyway
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    for the rotation, is there a way to just set it to the current yaw and pitch of the player?
    That may help you
  27. @MaxFireIce
    Yes, that's what I'm trying to do, but the Giant seems to have some code which always resets its yaw and pitch, causing some unwanted twitching.
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    Can you send the plugin how it is right now so i can just test it out
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