Tips on how to reduce lag!

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by dragonrykr, Oct 13, 2012.

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    As said in title i want to know tips on how to reduce lag! Please post
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    any more tips if they are?
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    There are several things that can help, some minor, some major;
    1. Have the right amount of RAM
    2. Have a good upload and download speed
    3. Have minimal players online (If you RAM and/or internet speed isn't the best)
    4. If you don't have much RAM, keep the plugins to a minimum
    5. Have a half decent CPU (Dual core 2.0-2.5Ghz is normally sufficient, one core for server, one for OS)
    6. If you are going to use a MySQL database, have it on the same system to reduce search times.
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    i habe 8 GB of RAM and can you please explain a little more the 6.
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    If a MySQL database was to be on another computer (Eg, not at your home) it would take slightly longer (Maybe about a second) to get the data needed as it would have to;

    Send the data across the internet > Find it > Then send it back.

    But if it was on your computer, it is essentially just trying to find the data.
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    yes MySQL is on my computer
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    If there are some more !


    I am still lagging out and it says that it can't load NoLagg.jar

    Also what is the disconnect.genericReason

    My firends like join the server then in around 1 minute it kicks them ewith disconnect.genericReason or disconnect.endOfStream
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    1) How much RAM does the server run on?
    2) What is your CPU?
    3) What is your internet speed?
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    1) 5 GB
    2) Intel Core i5
    3) Ping = 38ms, Download Speed = 1.77 Mbps, Upload Speed = 0.16 Mbps
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    You won't be able to have many players on your server with that upload speed.
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    Lolmewn Retired Staff

    That upload speed hurts...
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    According to , you can have yourself and 1 player using those speeds.

    Personally, i would invest in a small dedicated server (If you have the money of course), or purchase faster internet.

    As for you lagging, as your connected via 'localhost'?
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    Jade Retired Staff

    Small Dedicated Server = VPS
    Dedicated Servers (That don't go down every 3 days) = $70+ (With low-end specs)
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    anything that can increase that number for now by like 5 players?
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    A faster upload speed. No way around that.
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    Is there to get a little bonus without buying it?

    And how to increase that upload speed anyway?

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    You call your ISP and say "Hello there, I would like to upgrade my internetz. k thx bai"
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    Well, all my friends have big download speed but noone of them has above 1.00 upload speed so what's that?
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    Buy faster internet, as others said. You can also get yourself a small VPS from a Minecraft server host.
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    upload speed is the data speed sent from your comp to the internet
    so your friends can have 100 download but if your sending the signal at less the one upload they can only ever connect at 1 mbps to you(the more that connect cuts into that like bottle necking)
    most isp your internet company offer upload sppeds up to 5 and if they dont you can not host a server
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    During my active hours I have about 40-60 players online, and what can kill my server is entities!
    These are things like mobs, boats, and minecarts.

    Essentials & Worldedit have some manual commands to remove these, such as /killall and /remove, but I would recommend a plugin like the cleaner.

    This won't have much effect unless you have, multiple worlds, log ram/memory, or many players.
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    My Ping is 48ms, download speed is 1.82 and upload speed is 0.46, how many people can i have

    And what's the strongest internet for bukkit because im thinking of upgrading

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    What? :confused:

    I assume you mean the fastest internet you can use, if so then no limit at all.
    Though your provider will give you a limit on speeds and bandwidth as well as tell you not to host from home.

    If you only plan on having less than 3-4 players maybe you can, I don't know exactly with such low speeds.
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    I was asking what is the best internet for running a server for max 100 people
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    Google Fiber or FIOS...even then you will be at risk of getting cut off since your not suppose to host at home.

    You need dedicated hosting for that many players, and you actually need players before wanting to get a 100 player capable server.
    Start it off small and rent a cheap 20 or so server and see where it goes. :)
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    To get 100 people on home Internet you would need quite a lot of cash. I got luck with my Internet so I can hold 20-30.
    Upload: 15mb/s
    Download: 50mb/s
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    ok thnx guys, where do I rent a server
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    I know a lot of Minecraft Hosts. My favorite is BeastNode and for optimal performance (but more expensive) Cubedhost.

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