Timed Autoranking with Votifier Support

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    Plugin category: AutomaticRanking

    Suggested name: Vote'n'Time Rank or Autorank-Votifier Vote addon

    The Context:
    The plugin Autorank can automatically assign ranks to players after they have played on the server for a certain amount of time. If there is one thing that helps servers nearly as much as people playing on your server, its people voting for your server on the various serverlist. Now that many of these websites utilise Votifier, it allows for many rewards with it.
    What I would Like:
    I am looking to integrate AutoRank, or a similar plugin with votifier. This will allow there to be certain "criteria" in the ranking.
    An example,
    For rank "VIP"
    Requires 10 online hours, and 30 server votes.

    Ideas for commands:
    Shows an ingame message like this about your current goal:
    To Rank "VIP"
    Hours Played-3.5 out 10
    Votes-12 out of 30

    If the criteria are met, ranks you up to next rank set.

    /setrank (Rank in permissions plugin) (hours) (votes)
    Allows an admin to set a rank goal.

    Shows all Current Ranks and Goals, e.g.
    VIP=10 Hours and 30 Votes
    VIP+=20 Hours and 60 Votes
    Notch=9001 hours and 1337 Votes

    Ideas for permissions:
    vtrank.viewrank (same as command)
    vtrank.rankup (same as command)
    vtrank.setrank (same as command)
    vtrank.listrank (same as command)

    When I'd like it by: Don't really care
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    Over 9000! :eek:
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    While you're here :), is this possible to be coded?
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    Should be possible.
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    Would you be up to coding it?
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    I have no idea how to get the player online time, and save it.
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    Oh ok, thats why I linked a plugin that did that, but I don't know if thats open source.
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    You can use VotifierScripts. I'm pretty sure that it can accomplish what you are looking for, although I haven't used it myself (I've considered it).

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