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    What i want: a plugin creates parkour/running/swimming etc. time trial races. First, the course creator must set the start and finish lines. Next, when a player clicks the sign they are teleported to the start and have to get to the finish as fast as possible. Every time a player races they must pay a configurable fee. The fee goes into a community chest-like thing. When a player beats the record, they get the money in the pot.

    Suggested name: TimeTrials

    Commands: /TimeTrials set course [course name] (creates course under the given name
    /TimeTrial select [course name] (makes it so you nolonger need to enter the name
    /TimeTrial set start [course name](sets start point of track)
    /TimeTrial set finish [course name] (sets finishing point of course)
    /TT may also be used instead

    (Course name)
    (Extra info)

    Permissions: TimeTrial.create

    When I need it: preferably within a month
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    I can now do this with command blocks

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