Timber!-like plugin for Bukkit?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by Rocket Widget, Sep 20, 2011.

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    Rocket Widget

    Is there anything like Timber! for Bukkit? It's a mod that makes it so when you break the bottom block of a tree with any type of axe, the entire tree is taken down.
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    i hate it when people leave half-cut down tree's on my server,
    may have to look at getting that 1 aswell.
    cheers goldseed.
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    Rocket Widget

    Thanks for the info, I'll grab ChopTree
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    It is good but watch out users can chop trees in protected areas if they keep hitting them.
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    ill keep that in mind, cheers.

    just installed it now, and its a nice little plugin.
    however it'd be ideal if it could actually regrow the bases of the tree, not remove the whole thing.
    anyone know of a plugin that can do this?

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    I'm in college atm and I can't seem to find it on my phone but I used a plugin which planted a saplings everytime a tree was chopped.
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    when just the bottom block is removed, or the whole tree?
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    It's not meant to be for choptree but it works with it when the tree is destroyed (Whole) The sapling goes in it's place.
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    ahh right,
    not exactly what im after, but thankyou :D
    i need 1 that when idiots remove the base of a tree, it re-grows, or the rest dissappears, without giving them the items.
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    the plugin i use for this is LyTreeHelper, never tried ChopTree. I love LyTreeHelper, but i think the developer has abandoned it, yet it still works in #1240 :)
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    I use living forest. When a tree is chopped down it replants it for you and you can protect the sapling!
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