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Discussion in 'WIP and Development Status' started by TechGuard, Oct 16, 2011.

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    I and @Samkio would be very interested in this :)

    Inbox us for more information ;)
  3. That's pretty much all the information there is right now. I haven't start working on it, but going to this week.
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    Sounds great!
    I have some ideas.
    • Jack-o-laterns aswell as pumkins.
    • Constant Night.
    • Custom Portals - netherrack portals? As opposed to obby ones.
    • Fire everywhere.
    • Haunted houses. :p
    • A trick or treat system! - Cakes and stuff. :)
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  5. Added your ideas to the list :).
    So we're going to work together?
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    I'm quite busy atm but i will like to help in any which way i can. Add me on skype: iSamkio
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    Please get this going soon! I love this idea and would put this on my server for the rest of the month.

    Just another idea:
    /trick-or-treet will give the player some goodies for the day ranging from diamond tools to cake, and of course, dirt.(maybe even spawn a zombie or a ghast in front of the player in the unfortunate event of a 'trick') Would only be able to do this once every 24 hours
    /pumpkin [on/off] (this would toggle the pumpkin head player model on and off.
  8. I think there are more fun ways to do that, without commands :)
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    let every player that uses spout choose a scary skin, and for people without spout it will be a random one :D
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    I would love lit up Pumpkins on their heads! <3 Me wants!
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    What about right clicking a pumpkin, which will count as "trick or treat" and then the server owner can customize the prizes/tricks. That would be awesome and I would use that.

    Also, i love the lit pumpkins on all peoples heads, thats awesome. I just want that trick or treat plugin though ;)
  12. I personally more like the idea of players interacting with each other for Tick-Or-Treat.
    But I still don't have a clue what system is good for it, without commands.
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    What if you could use the Notch villages and do a sort of mini quest where you go from one villager to the next, giving them needed materials. Once they get the materials they give you another quest or something, and at the end you get a cape as a reward. This would need spout integration of course, and I have no idea if bukkit support the villages in any way.
  14. They don't :(
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    I'll try to think of something unique
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    Any coders on this yet?
  17. Didn't you read the thread?

    Pre-Release available!

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    Would it be possible to reduce the sunlight or something like that. :)
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    The nether gate isn't taking me there, any ideas?
    Edit: Just loaded it up in singleplayer, found a few things:
    -Mushrooms are spawning on the lava
    -Trees should have leaves but be (mostly) covered in webs
    -Lmao, 'Rip Justin Bieber'
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    Portal is SoulSand i think...
  21. Will probably post a new version tomorrow! Maybe with trick-or-treat, or it is just bug fix :)
    EDIT: sorry for the delay!
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    This plugin is SO cool =D

    You definitely played to my heart here Tech. Halloween and me <3
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    Ah...soulsand portal. Thanks samkio....
  24. smoking chest?
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    Epix i will use this on my server for Halloween :D
  26. Pre-Release 1.1 available! NEW: Smoking chests? (trick-or-treat)
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    Looks nice so far, keep up the work 'till Halloween. :)
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