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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Taco, Jul 7, 2012.

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    Here's the story:

    A guy I've worked for before sends me a message on Skype saying that a guy he found wants a plugin made. He claims the guy is willing to pay $100 to have it developed, and he asks 10% commission for the deal. I took him up on his offer, made the plugin as he asked, and of course he bails out on me claiming the guy no longer wants it (I'm calling BS on this). Though, as expected, he wanted the plugin first.

    Here's a short description of what it is, as well as a download link to the jar and the source:

    He wanted a plugin that would create a game where people would gain points for destroying certain blocks, which could be configured. The game time had to be configurable, and every game, the total points a person has earned would be stored somewhere. They also wanted a way to check a person's points as well as view the top 10 overall scores.

    Link removed. Thank you to wlan222 for taking this project over!

    I'm posting this here because I don't see myself caring enough about this continue it, but maybe someone else will like it. The code's a bit messy, since I was rushed making this, but just let me know you've claimed it and throw up a BukkitDev page for it. I honestly do not care what you do with it past that point.
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    I feel sorry for you:( Thanks for posting it! Nah, I wouldn't like to take over:)
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    Hm i might take this over. Depends if i have time,Taco you code some nice stuff so I'm sure the code won't be too sloppy. If anyone else has any more enthusiasm, feel free to take it over I'm on the fence on this. :p
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    Im taking a look on it :)

    Okay i will take it over and maintain it. Thanks for posting :D

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