Thinking about Opening up a Free to use Jenkins Server

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Tux2, Jul 2, 2012.


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    Hello Everyone,
    Us here at the Pinoy Gamer's Dev team have been thinking and we would like to open up a Jenkins server for plugin developers. You would just need to fill out a little application as to why you wanted to use it and we would either accept or deny you based on that. Jenkins is an automated compiler/packager that you can use to automatically build/package the latest dev source for your plugins whenever you push an update so that users can start using it right away. If you would be interested in a service like this please comment below.

    Thanks for reading,
    The Pinoy Gamer's Dev Team
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    I would highly appreciate such a service. The only thing I want is to manage the projects myself without the need of too much communication and the ability to build from pushes to github.
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    Such a service would be of great use to the developer community, I feel. For me, the ability to get users to try test/dev builds to fulfill problem/enhancement requests before an official "recommended" release would be most useful.
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    Devil Boy

    It's definitely going to have the ability to poll and build from GitHub. Build promotions will be in there as well :)
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    How about just using Travis CI? Free CI hosting and testing, all you need is a free GitHub account and to have your code on it. I've yet to set up my plugin on there but looks easy to do, I'm already on GitHub as is.
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    I could offer this if you guys wanted, I am installing Jenkins on my vps later tonight anyway.
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    The premise sounds interesting for plugin development. I would however be more interested in learning how to integrate a Jenkins server into my workflow. Perhaps a tutorial aimed at plugin developers would be helpful as well?
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