There is no plugin folder in my main minecraft server folder, Also-

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by monkeytv, Feb 13, 2011.

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    Well what i did then is make a plugin folder, put the latest whitelist plugin, Tried to run a command and basically the server told me that it is not working with the server.

    Also this is what my server folder looks like, Which im not sure if it's normal or not.
    It runs though.

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    Okay now this is what it looks like, Again i had to create a plugin folder because when i had installed the "Noob Setup" for the craftbukkit server, Was it suppose to create a plugin folder?

    (Also i tried creating a plugins folder, Downloaded another plugin, tried to run a command and it still didn't work)

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    so i guess theres nothing i can do D:?...
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    ok.. hopefully this is a dumb question, but how are you starting the server? which icon do you double click?
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    i ask because in the first screenshot, you have Minecraft_Server.exe highlighted. . that would run vanilla server, which will not use plugins and will therefore not create the plugin folder.

    you should be running (assuming they are what they look like) 32-bit starter or 64-bit starter, depending on your computer hardware
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    Got it up and running, Just realized i needed to rename the craftbukkit jar file back to the original name and its all up and running.
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    I need major help on this haha its so complicated.
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    Would you settle for civilian help?
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    i too am having problems, i am able to pull up MC but i dont have a plugins folder so i cant use my mods

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    same here, real helpful, no permissions to view the how to's
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    Im still really confused...
    I dont have the plugins folder still, and I dont get the 64 bit starter thingy either. Please help! [​IMG] This is what it looks like
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    Wats the craft bukkit original name?
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