The 'When will Bukkit 1.7 be out?' answer.

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by XD 3VIL M0NKEY, Oct 22, 2013.

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    Hi guys,
    When will Bukkit for 1.7 be out?'
    I'm going to answer one question for you now before the staff member profiles get flooded with 'when wil craftbucket be updated?' and 'How long till 1.7?'.

    The short term answer. When it is ready.

    Why 'When it is ready'?
    The Bukkit team work hard on making sure that the updated for Minecraft are brought out as fast as possible while still being stable enough to run a server with. It's not possible to work out the exact timeframe for an update to be released as the update is most certainly going to have hidden game breaking bugs that they have to fix before the release to the public.
    So, let me digress, there is no possible way on this earth and all that is physically able to exist in the entire of the universe that we know today without causing a cataclysmic explosion (@TnT) of rage creating a black hole capable of ending all life as we know it to give an exact time for when Bukkit for 1.7 will be out.

    Spamming profiles and forum threads with such question is rather counterproductive as you are actually stopping the Bukkit team members from developing it as they have to take the time to answer your questions 347363 times over. It's just as annoying as being poked in the eye with a sharp stick repeatedly while a kid screams in your ear 'are we there yet' 400 times in a car journey to Minecon.

    Don't ask this question as you already have the answer. WHEN IT IS READY.

    You'll look a little silly if you ask the question.

    An addendum to this post, if you see a server running '1.7', it's actually not. it's running a version of 1.6.4 with a different version number allowing clients to connect. None of the 1.7 features exist.

    I've asked for this to be stickied, but they won't.

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    There's still many that don't even read stickies, ever.
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    I'd just like to add a bit of information: Bukkit is usually updated within 2-4 days of a new Minecraft version being released. However, 1.7 rewrote quite a few of Minecraft's key systems, which may result in a longer delay in terms of Bukkit updating. I'm only adding this for the sake of people who want an estimate, and it's by no means accurate; it's simply based on prior updates. As OP (who I cannot Tahg; dem spaces :p) said, it'll be ready when it's ready.
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    You can not rush art nor can you rush the push for perfection unless you want a large steaming pile of crap as your server
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    Honestly this response, pisses me and my server user's off. The only reason we use Bukkit is for the wonderful plugins that are community driven. This thread is actually insulting, and the fact that people are praising you for it, is utterly sickening. Your public relations department needs to go back and get some sort of idea on how to explain an extended development phase.
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