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Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cholo71796, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Same thing :) - i have one other person using my server core mock-up-thing including itsown economy, and the person might use vault. Have you asked/considered a pull request to vault ? It might be possible to get it added simply, even if not many people use it.
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    It doesn't look like they bother to respond to anyone who even asks wut the process is to get their plugin supported. I am working submiting a PR but I am unfamiliar with Mavin.

    Right now my plugin is private but I know of a few people who would use it if I make it public. But I don't want to bother making it public if no plugins will work with it.
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    Essentials has had a bumpy development ride but I imagine is much more stable than it was during the beginning of the 1.4 generation. It's also pretty hefty. I found that when we did run essentials many of the other plugins I wanted also had features that overlapped essentials. This is going back a a few years but I found that I had much more control running more plugins independently and if a feature broke, I could just find another plugin that did the same thing rather than waiting for the essentials guys to come up with a fix.

    That's not to say it's not a bad plugin. I think it's a fantastic project and clearly has a very big following. They also implement plenty of new idea's through experience that wouldn't otherwise be available. The support on IRC is excellent as well. It's important that we have some cornerstone plugin devs like the commandbook worldedit people and essentials.

    Although if you read the spout forums they do talk a lot of doom and gloom about the state of bukkit and its future. However self serving it may be to them, Mojang did hire a lot of bukkit devs. If you were around for the hmod to bukkit transition, you'll understand why some server Admins are on edge. Ive gone way off topic now though.
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    I'm a long term AdminCmd user and I dislike Essentials for various reasons. I have found Vault to be solid as a rock. Paired up with GoldIsMoney, my item based economy has never been better.
  5. Does Fe not have an automated wage feature?
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    Sorry about that. I've recently uploaded a bugfix to Gringotts that fixes the problem with Towny vaults getting deactivated.
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    Try and make sense of the 'logic' in their source code.

    Then compare your findings to CommandBook.
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    makes more logic than a general commands plugin that needs a region marking plugin to work.
  9. In my opinion Vault needs an API or some way to add external eco/other methods or factories for those, best before enable (not sure when exactly it enables) - probably a pull request adding such would be worth more than trying to bring in a method for a not-widely used plugin.
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    I use Essentials, it works well.
    It's just coded somewhat horribly (Which is a subjective matter!).
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    Vault (or rather Bukkit) has this API. Newer versions of Gringotts use it. See the code on Github
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    Fe economy? I haven't used it, but I think it's much like iConomy.
  13. I don't see such API in Vault... ChestShop allows setting a custom economy handler which i am grateful for, but Vault is lacking the API as far as i can judge (it is a bit complicated, because most plugins will only get the economy once, so one might want to add the methods before Vault actually enables).
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    That is wut softdepend is for. It allows Vault to load before the plugin hooking into it.

    EDIT: I see the code that kyllingman2 is refering to but I cannot find any documentation for it.
  15. Vault has no API for it, and the load order stuff is slightly more complicated if you want to use its API before it enables. One might have to use load-before and then enable it by force, adding the eco method then. Problem: Vault does not seem to have the API for that, all methods seem hard-coded.

    Edit: I would love to be proven wrong, but i would demand the link to the code in Vault allowing adding new methods...
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    See the code I linked. It works :p
    The only thing you need to keep in mind is these settings in plugin.yml:
    load: startup
    loadbefore: [Vault]
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    The stupidity of this post is beyond my comprehension level.
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