The state of economy plugins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by cholo71796, Feb 19, 2013.

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    What are the actively maintained and well supported ones? It seems all the ones on BukkitDev haven't been updated in months. Are there still good ones?
  2. Vault, essentials. That is all I ever use.
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    I thought we decided that Essentials is the cause of everything bad in life
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    where do people make up that stuff?
    if you are going to make a statement like that, atleast provide some data.
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    Not really. It's bloated, but pragmatically I've never had an issue with Essentials running on my server. It's probably one of the most reliable plugins I've used.
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    id like to see proof of said bloat, since i dont see any when people post their timing data.
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    Defensive much? :p

    Feature-bloated, if you prefer.

    It has a LOT of features. I don't think I need to prove this, as I'm sure you're familiar with just how many features it has. It attempts to fulfill every basic need a server can have, and many people view this as a bad thing because they feel overwhelmed. In practice (as I stated, if you cared to read the rest of the line) it works just fine.
  8. Economy plugins tend to stay very stable (once...stable) in comparison, because they don't have fancy features to maintain, usually nothing changes for them with Craftbukkit or even Minecraft updates.
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    Iconomy has been stable since it's last release (April of last year), and has never been a source of problem for me. I don't need anything fancy, and so it works like a charm for me.
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    Fe Economy. The most simple economy plugin.
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    iConomy. I've been using it for 2 years and it's worked fine for me.
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    iConomy has a relatively recent update on their site, I think.

    I just use EssentialsEco and Vault. It's all I need, really, and it prevents me from needing to have another plugin just for economy.
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    I use BOSEconomy simply because I'm afraid if iConomy ever DOES break, the author won't fix it.
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    SDFEconomy is great. It supports different balances for different Multiverse-Inventories groups. It's actively maintained and very stable.
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    Thanks! This looks great, I think I'm going to switch to it. I like lightweight and plugins.

    I previously used BOSEconomy, but it hasn't been updated in a while and is coded pretty badly.
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    BOSEconomy had too many features for me. Fe is like one of those hidden gems (plugins) that are amazing for its simplicity.
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    Agreed. So many economy plugins add stuff like banks and brackets or whatever. I just want an economy plugin, if I wanted any of those features, I would use a separate one!
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    Gringotts is your answer. It's item based and very simple to use.
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    Gringotts didn't work properly with Towny, so I switched and am happily using Fe.
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    This is why I use Griefprevention. Towny is so picky.
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    I've been using Fé Economy. Strong, fast, efficient. :)
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    This is true; it's a nice plugin, but I would like to see an option to disable some features.
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    Nick Foster

    it is
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    Why does everyone hate on essentials? I think it's an amazing plugin.
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    Saves the hassle of having to get other plugins to do the job!

    Sigh, if I could code better - I had an amazing idea for a potential bloat free essentials replacement... and replacement for pretty much every other plugin known to man bukkit.

    It would be a pluginception...
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    everything is in the config.
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    Because its big and takes time to configure exactly the way you want. If you don't want to put in the effort to do that, you'll be disappointed with the results.
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    essentials took me a hour to set up and its worth it best economy plugin out there.
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    I would have said it's worth it. It can take the place of 5-10 plugins.
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    I had to make my own economy plugin. The only ones out there that seemed like wut I was looking for threw errors on a clean install. My problem now is I cannot get Vault support.
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