The problem with getting mad at the Bukkit Team for not having 1.7 out yet

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Can you do it faster than Bukkit?

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  2. No, that's insane to even try.

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    I've been reading a lot of forums recently about how people want Bukkit for 1.7. The devs keep saying that they are working on it, and that there is not reliable ETA. All of this is true. People need to stop getting mad, stand back, and look at the facts before yelling at the Bukkit Team for going to slow.

    The Facts:

    Minecraft 1.7.2 is one of the biggest updates since 1.4 or even 1.3. This scale of update is huge. Mojang themselves said that they edit half a million lines of code while making this update. It is truly huge, but it is not Bukkit's fault, nor is it Mojang's. While making this update, Mojang listened to the community and added the long awaited stained glass, new biomes, etc. 1.7 was a community update and so Mojang should not be criticized for making it hard to update Bukkit.

    The Problem:

    The only thing I didn't cover was who made this problem. I say it is No one's fault. Mojang did it's job and Bukkit is doing their job. So stop whining and just wait! If you don't want to wait, then listen to this: Bukkit is a open source project, right. So if you really want to have a update GO TRY IT YOURSELF. SEE IF YOU CAN DO IT FASTER THAN BUKKIT! I BET YOU 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 DIAMONDS THAT YOU CAN'T!!!
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    I need to see proof of the existence of that ludicrous amount of diamonds, or I call bullshit.
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    People need to stop making new threads about this. :mad:
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    This thread had the point to stop making threads about this.

    This person that voted yes is mental.
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    Really, there is a GIANT message at the top of the homepage explaining everything. This thread is not needed. Can someone close this thread?
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    Wut? :confused:
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    It does not include that fact that if you really want an update, do it yourself. That is the main point of this thread.
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    Really another thread? ffs Just wait people damn! It ain't the end of the world.
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    Someone lock this thread, people aren't getting that point.
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    Locked by OP request.
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