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    The Plugin List
    This thread is just a list of all plugins released here. This is not a help thread so don't post comments with questions about plugins. The url's in this tread link to the release thread. So ask your questions there.​
    Want your plugin or someone else plugin that you link in here? Please comment or send me a message!​
    General Plugins:
    • General - A plugin for general commands.
    • General Essentials - Extras for the General Plugin. Like kits.
    • Essentials - It's like General and General Essentials together.
    • GeneReal - Alternative to General plugin. Also comes with mail system.
    • SlowHealth - Slowly generate healt, No food required.
    • RedeemCodes - Generate Codes for users to redeem items! Ported from hMod!
    • Online Users - Command that shows currently users online.
    • MCDocs - Page commands like (/help or /rules), MOTD, Custom Commands.
    Home Plugins:
    • MyHome - Advanced /home plugin. Also with invite function.
    • SimpleHome - Another Home plugin. Simple yet powerful.
    • Home Lite - Home lite. Just 2 simple commands: /home and /sethome.
    User/Rights Management:

    • Permissions - Next generation group plugin. Works with a lot of plugins.
    • GroupUsers - Compatible with hey0's groups.txt and users.txt
    • Authorize - A login/register system. Works like old AuthCraft plugin.
    World Tranform Plugins:
    • WorldEdit - Advanced cuboid tools, de-griefing, restore from backup and many more.
    • Extended Day - So, Days are short aren't they? Want to make them longer? Use this plugin!
    • Noon - Sun always up in the middle of the sky.
    • VoxelSniper Map Editor - Long range map editing tools.
    World Protection Plugins:
    • WorldGuard - Protect cuboids, neft creepers, fire, blacklist, fix sponges and much more.
    • BorderGuard - Plugin that limits your map. So your map isn't infinite big.
    • Guardian - Protect your server against lava flows, Water flow, TNT and much more.
    • PvP Control - Allows player to decided if the user wants to fight. So you can only fight if the 2 players have PVP On.
    • Creepnerf - Disable Creeper explosions.
    • vStopFire - Stops fire from being spread.
    Logging Plugins:
    • BigBrother - Log and Rollback Potential Griefers
    Inventory Management Plugins:
    • LWC - Lightweight Invertory Protection & Management.
    • Cleaner - Maintain your users invertories.
    • ClrInventory - Simple command to clear your own Inventory.
    Teleport Plugins:
    • TelePlus - Command based, Advanced teleporting plugin.
    • MyWarp - Command based Warp system. Simple, Yet Complete.
    • WarpGate - Create item based Gates, link them, love them!
    Economic Plugins:
    • iConomy - Simulates Money in Minecraft.
    Item/Blocks Plugins:
    Map Plugins:
    • Dynmap - Realtime Google Maps based, Minecraft map.
    • Magic Carpet - Creates a glass carpet that follow along when user jumps or moves.
    Update/Backup/Server Management Plugins:

    RolePlaying Plugins:
    • Guilds - Advanced guild system. Create Guilds, Create Guild Homes, And much more.
    • Localized Chat - Area Chat, Localized Chat and Shout Command.
    • CordilonPlugin - Advanced Role-Playing plugin.
    Other Plugins:
    • BlockHead - A simple plugin for putting blocks on your head.
    • DailyQoutes - Share some random Quotes with your players.
    I will try to update this thread once or twice a day!
  2. Sticky! (Just dont disappear and not update!)
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    Would do. Will update in a few hours again. Currently busy trying to create my own plugin :p
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    Sticky this!

    Nice list, I hope you'll keep it updated!
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    /Sticky, as long as you add all the plugins here soon!
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    incredible, but lot of work.....
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    Uuuhm... I don't know if you should bother. Bukkit is pre-release. Once it's released you will have Fill to take care of all plugins, including a list and updates...
  8. Yep. Also, this forum is intended as a list of plugins ( )
    If you notice, it's titled "Plugin Releases".

    This thread is definitely not a plugin release, and is just getting in the way.
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    wait what is the plugin u r making
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    Currently just a plugin with some testing commands and suchs. Will creating more advanced plugins in the future.

    Updated main post!
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    Yea i support this thread as long as it stays updated.
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    Good list you've got going. You should add details if the plugin is being ported so users have an idea by reading your descriptions whether or not its a finished product.

    IE: iConomy does more than just simulate money as it offers auctions and more, but its still in the process of being ported from hmod.
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    Sand out of crotch please.
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    I disagree with you, Because now people have oné page to look on. Not 12 that keeps changing. Although not all plugins are listed here.
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    Not all are listed here... yet. If people contributed names of all the plugins it'd be easy to have a sortable and easy directory of plugins to be able to look through instead of, as pointed out, looking through many upon many pages of plugins.
  19. /sticky
    Hawt! I hope this stays up even with Fill, because it's perfect for picking out just the right plugins!
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    BukkitMon -
    Minecart Mania -
    [ADMIN] HotSwap -
    [Informant] Basic Login message and MOTD -
    GroovyBukkit -
    TimeShift -
    Stackable -
    CreeperNerf -
    Wool Color Spawner -
    RedstoneChips -
    fill/fillhollow -
    GNN (inter server rating system) -
    BlockHead -
    BiomeTerrainMod -
    ArrowTurrets -
    Spells -
    Wand -
    TCP Interface for bukkit -
    Protected Doors -
    SlowHealth ported! -
    God Powers for Bukkit! -
    Vanish -
    OnlineUsers -
    Plugin Status Report -
    Murder [Kill with a Command] -
    PreciousStones -
    SimpleHome -
    Server Port - Teleport between servers -
    TeleConfirmLite -
    Compass (With inter plugin communication) -
    Redeem Codes -
    iStick -
    CordilonPlugin -
    MoveCraft -
    AntiBreak -
    ClothColor -
    MyHome -
    Server Remote Toolkit -
    DeepBukkit -
    [GodMode] -
    CheeseStats -
    Backup Plugin -
    Whitelist -
    MCBans -
    ClrInventory -
    ExcessLapis -
    MapMarkers -
    PlgEssentials -
    Guilds -
    vStopFire -
    Kikkit -
    KitPlugin -
    [CHAT] Area Chat, Localized Chat, Shout Command -
    Authorize (AuthCraft like plugin) -
    Noon [Sun always up in middle of sky] -
    Whitelist -
    Mana Alias -
    Daily Bible Verse -
    rTriggers -
    CraftIRC -
    Extend Day (BETA) -
    TreeperBirth -
    SimpleWarp -
    War! Minecraft Team Deathmatch -
    Guestbook + BombBeGone -
    DailyQuote -
    PlayerListEnhanced -
    PrivateWarp Port -
    Bukkit Build Downloader -
    Home Lite -
    VoxelSniper Map Editor -

    There is a few for you... First... 4 1/2 pages from moment of post.
    Hope this helps :)
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    Many thanks for your list. Really helps me to list plugins faster :D
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    bump need Sticky
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    I like the idea but is there anyway you can post the current compatible craftbukkit build beside it so we don't have to go to each post looking to see where we are? This may be too much trouble. I still say def sticky.
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    In the OP, Extended Day points to Dynmap.
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    SlowHealth link updated, Will soon add more links.
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    /vote for sticky. At least until Fill is ready.
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    Once Fill is ready this subforum will be closed anyways, makes sense to have an index to look through everything easily until a more thorough one is ready.
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    Cannot update this thread tonight. Will do it as soon is I get back.
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    ClassicFluids - Controls fluid behavior based on configurable settings
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