The Players That Aren't Op Can't Build

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by EnchantingPvP, Aug 23, 2014.

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    Hi Guys, i have just started makin my server, and i hired a builder to help me build a prison server spawn, but when he came on and tryed to build he couldn't, the block would be placed and disappear. I searched everything, google, youtube, bukkit forums,minecraftforums, but i just couldn't find the problem! i looked at my essentials config and my groups manager groups.yml MULTIPLE times but i cant find the mistake, i also deleted essentialsantibuild.
    I tryed something where i made a region with worldguard, did //expand vert then the flags on the region was set to passthrough allow, build allow.

    here is my GROUPS.YML

    here is my ESSENTIALS CONFIG

    27 in total
    *combatlog by jackproelh
    *multiverse inventories
    *multiverse portals

    I Hope You Plugin Geninuses Out There Can Help Me Out.


    Btw, If You Even Tried To Have A Look At This Post, I Want To Thank You Very Much. If You Need Anything Just Tell Me.
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    If your server is accessible from the Internet, private message me the address and I will come fix it up for you.

    EDIT: Since you have WorldGuard, delete EssentialsProtect
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    hello, i set default and builder both to true witht the build part, deleted essentials build and essentials protect but it still doesnt work, when the players build it wouldnt say no permission, the block placed just disppears, and not even owner rank can build, only OP

    hi, i don't know how to send you a message since i am new to bukkit forums, but can you add me via skype?
    my skype is johnhong2012

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    You click on my name to the left of this is a hyperlink (URL)
    It will pop-up a small page and you then click on "Start a conversation" link.
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